A protection plan for homeschoolers

Mar 3, 2016 by

A Christian lawyer in Virginia is calling on the legislature to provide free public education, taking it out of the hands of local government.

Kevin Novak of Deconstructing the Coliseum is dedicated to defending homeschoolers against government interference. He says his motion in favor of education freedom is to show what Christian education policy really looks like.

“That is two-fold: Number one, parents are in charge of a child’s education, not local school boards,” he states. “And number two, that Christians need to fight against being forced to pay taxes for not only a humanist system, but also a system that we don’t use.”


Novak warns that the Campbell County School District’s request for $200 million for capital improvements would adversely impact Christian homeschoolers.

“If they receive that money, it will directly come out of the pocket of people who privately educate their children for Christian reasons,” he asserts. “And so that will obviously hurt the gospel.”

He says parents nationwide should remind their local governments that government has an obligation to protect those parents who do not use the civil government school system.


Source: A protection plan for homeschoolers

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