How Far the Proud and Mighty Have Fallen

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How Far the Proud and Mighty Have Fallen

By Donna Garner



One of the core beliefs of conservatives is in equal access – not a guarantee of equal outcomes.


Another conservative core belief is in individual responsibility instead of victimization. It is through this lens that we should analyze what we are seeing happen right now in the Presidential race.


Fact #1: It was Ben Carson who started the brouhaha in the Iowa caucuses when he made comments that allowed CNN and others to arrive at the natural assumption that he was getting out of the race for the Presidency.  Therefore, in reality, Ben Carson was to blame for that whole mix-up – not Ted Cruz and/or Marco Rubio.  All they did was to do what any political campaign would have done (including Donald Trump’s campaign). They encouraged their supporters to invite the Carson supporters to join their caucuses.


Fact #2:  It was Donald Trump some months ago who started the personal attacks by talking negatively about the way Carla Fiorina looked. His constant personal attacks have offended many people’s self-worth, and that is not acceptable behavior for someone who wants to become the President of the United States.  Once Trump opened the door to personal attacks, then Marco Rubio lowered himself to that same level; and the American public (and their children) were exposed to the incomprehensible exchange that occurred between Rubio and Trump.


After spending 33+ years in real classroom with real kids, I know that each personal attack will produce another personal attack which is even worse than the previous one. Unfortunately, that is what the American people are seeing take place right before their eyes between Rubio and Trump.


Fact #3:  To make a very important distinction, Ted Cruz does not practice the politics of personal destruction and does not attack political candidates on their personhood.  Instead he focuses his arguments on their political positions on important issues that matter to the future of America.  


Ted Cruz is Presidential and knows that making temper tantrum statements in a time of crisis could land America right smack in the middle of a war.


If you doubt the low level to which Trump and Rubio have sunk and did not watch the Detroit debate last night, here are some video links that document what occurred. 




3.3.16 – “Donald Trump Defends His G*** Size” –








12.22.15 – “Donald Trump Goes Full Schmuck, Uses Yiddish Word For P*** To Mock Hillary Clinton” —

Huffington Post



Donna Garner

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