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“Robert Scott Answers Questions About Common Core Standards” — Today, please go to Part 2 to watch the Q&A segment (13:29 minutes) by Former-Texas Commissioner of Education Robert Scott as he testified in front of the Georgia General Assembly Joint Meeting of the House and Senate Education Committee on 2.9.13.

(If you need to go back and listen to Pt. 1 of Robert Scott’s presentation on CCS, please go to Part 1: )

In Part 2, Scott answers questions asked by the Georgia Legislators in which he explains the high cost of the Common Core Standards (CCS) assessments for the Georgia Public Schools. Scott makes it clear that the Georgia taxpayers will have to pick up the costs of administering the assessments:  Presently Georgia spends about $5 per student for the state-mandated tests. Under CCS assessments, the cost would jump to $30 per student for the online version (not including costs for new multi-media computers and sufficient broad band widths) or $37 per student for paper/pencil tests.  For Georgia, this would be a total of $28 Million for next school year.

[To learn more about the cost to states’ taxpayers to administer the CCS assessments, please go to “States’ Taxpayers Cannot Afford Common Core” – published on 10.15.12 by Henry W. Burke: ]

In Pt. 2 of his presentation, Robert Scott also discusses whether the U. S. Dept. of Education can penalize financially a state that decides to pull out of CCS, state decisions vs. ceding control of curriculum to the federal government, state (not national) collaboration of curriculum standards, and the importance of each state making its own decisions about its public school curriculum standards.

Part 2 (13:29 minutes) —

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