Public Education- -The True Statue of Liberty. Teachers light the way for us all

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Teachers add value and make a difference each and every day. Yet, with all the political rhetoric attacking our schools you would think otherwise.

Teachers touch our future when they educate our kids. It is sad this wonderful profession is made to feel as one teacher told me, ” Like the gum on the bottom of a shoe.”

Are there problems we need to address in public education? Absolutely. However,whatever the problems, our great teachers must be part of the solution.

Our public schools (traditional and charter) are the true Statute of Liberty of this great country of ours. They take the tired, hungry, poor, children who  speak English as a second language and children with disabilities. Giving them all, no, ALL of us, hope and opportunity.

If you believe our schools are the true Statute of Liberty then you must acknowledge our teachers are the torch lighting the way for us all.

We need to honor and celebrate our wonderful teachers!

Public TV And Henry Ford Enlightens

Well, PBS and The Henry Ford, Detroit’s world-class museum, have teamed up again this year to honor innovative teacher across America.  They want to know if you are aware of innovative teacher and wish to help recognise and honor him or her?  They are providing  with a forum to do so.   And, it is easy.

However the deadline is 12/12/12).

PBS Learning Media and The Henry Ford are co-sponsoring the 2012 Teacher Innovator Awards to recognize America’s educators who demonstrate innovative use of digital media in the classroom. The contest is open to all PreK-12 U.S. educators.

Thirty winners across subject areas will be recognized in wonderful ways.  The prizes will help our teachers teach and our children learn.

As an example:  1st prize – The top 10 winners get a week-long, completely  paid“Innovation Immersion Experience” at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, in August 2013, plus a free PBS TeacherLine professional development course.

Additional information for educators, how to enter, FAQs, galleries of past winners, and more can be found at:

Nominate teachers that have made a difference in your life or your child’s, forward this to others and encourage them to nominate a great teacher as well.

If you read this, thank a teacher.
Tom Watkins is a former state superintendent of Michigan’s schools. He is a US/China business and educational consultant. He can be reached at:

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