Public school hosts Communist awards ceremony

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NEW HAVEN, Conn. – The list of activities and speech allowed on public school grounds within the U.S. is constantly growing.

Whether prohibiting pastries that resemble handguns or banning the colors red and green because of their connection to Christmas, it is becoming difficult to ascertain what administrators and bureaucrats will permit. While conservatives of any stripe are likely to be considered persona non grata in many districts, one Connecticut school recently opened its doors to none other than the Communist Party USA.

According to a recent article published by the party’s news organization, “People’s World,” the annual Amistad Awards ceremony was held in the auditorium of New Haven’s Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School. Among recipients of the absurd recognition were two Democrat legislators and a local union boss.

The outrageous event began with a chant of “People before profits,” and included a call to mobilize the movement into a door-to-door propaganda campaign.

Connecticut State Rep. Edwin Vargas praised the “hardcore” Communist sympathizers in the crowd before quoting brutal murderer – and leftist hero – Che Guevara.

Another New Haven public school played host to the Amistad Awards in 2010, when the far-left CPUSA met at James Hillhouse Public High School.

As communist ideas continue to seep into American culture, the next generation inevitably endures the most lasting damage. Young people are uniquely susceptible to the lies and rhetoric spouted by those seeking to turn America into Cuba.

While adults – at least those who appreciate the ability to live and work freely – can identify such philosophy as failed and foolish, teens can easily fall prey to the rosy depictions of a modern-day utopia.

Tacitly promoting the cause by twice hosting their annual ceremony, the New Haven Public School Board is allowing the deeply flawed communist message to reach young people even more directly.

Whether members of the board subscribe to the philosophy or not, it is wholly inappropriate to bring such an objectionable event into a public school. Meanwhile, students sporting a patriotic shirt or a symbol of their faith face harsh and swift retribution from today’s dichotomous administrators.

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