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Public university instructs students on how to build genital models out of Play-doh

May 21, 2013 by

By Timothy Dionisopoulos –

Staff at a public school in Florida apparently led a sex workshop last month in which students were instructed on how to sculpt replica genitals out of Play-doh.

The advertisements for the event featured an animated condom with wording chalked full of graphic innuendo.

The workshop, which was non-academic, was hosted by the University of Central Florida (UCF).

The event called, “Finals? That blows,” also featured a condom hunt and a speech from a sex expert from a local adult toy store called “Fairvilla.”

The advertisements for the event, sent out on April 16, featured an animated condom with wording full of graphic innuendo.  For example, the email invited students to study  “LONG and HARD” and invited them to “COME to the sex program.”

Following inquiries from the Knight News, the student publication that first reported on the workshop, school administrators sought to distance themselves from the advertisement.

In a statement, UFC Spokesman Chad Binette, said the language used to promote the event reflected a “lack of judgement.”

“This event and the email promoting it clearly demonstrate a lack of judgment,” he said. “Housing and Residence Life will be reviewing its approval process for events and event promotions.

“The email was sent and approved by the Apollo community staff, and the event was scheduled by Apollo community staff,” he concluded, referring to the on-campus dorm that organized the event.

Nikki, an employee of the local adult store, Fairvilla, told Campus Reform that the the April event at UCF represented nothing new.

“We do events for actual accredited classes like their human sexuality psychology courses and sometimes we do presentations for clubs… frequently sometimes we do presentations for any of the on-campus housing and also off-campus housing,” said Nikki, who declined to give her last name for reason of privacy. “Sometimes we co-op presentations with the on-campus Planned Parenthood groups.”

Nikki told Campus Reform events range from small groups to hundreds of students.

“We had a great turnout for that one,” she said, speaking of the Play-Doh workshop. “Planned Parenthood was also there to answer questions regarding safe sex and birth control and all that kind of information too.”

UCF administrators have yet to respond to Campus Reform’s requests for comment on that incident. It is unclear whether or not student fees were used to sponsor the event.

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via Public university instructs students on how to build genital models out of Play-doh.

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