Public University To Spend $52K on Spate of Liberal Speakers

Jun 13, 2013 by

Apparently, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is no fan of diversity – at least when it comes to diversity of the academic persuasion.

Young America’s Foundation Ethan Hollenberger on Wednesday reported that the public university is set to spend about $52,000 to bring in a spate of left-leaning guest lecturers and topics for its annual speaker series this coming school year.

Some of the planned guests, funded in part by tuition dollars and taxpayer subsidies, include someone who thinks Fox News is racist, a pro-illegal immigrant advocate, and several environmental extremists.

What’s worse, this will mark the second consecutive year the university has spent $50,000 to fill its docket with left-leaning speakers, Hollenberger has reported.

Whitewater administrators admit they find speakers based on topic. Recognizable conservatives are once again missing from the university speaker series. …

The speakers, speech topic, honoraria are as follows:

Chris Paine – $14,000 – How many light bulbs does it take to plug in an electric car? -Paine is a liberal filmmaker and climate change activist. His two documentaries advocate for the need for an electric car.

Michael Cohen – $7,500- Clear and present safety – Cohen is a former staffer for liberals such as Gov. Bill Richardson (NM) and Senator Chris Dodd (CT).

Susan Freinkel – $7,500 – Plastic: A Toxic Love Story – Freinkel’s talk will surround her book of the same name. Freinkel supports plastic bag bans and many liberal climate change public policy positions.

Gustavo Arellano – $10,000 – Taco USA – Arellano is a Mexican American who blogs in support of amnesty and in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Arellano uses satire frequently in his lectures, columns, and book.

Ruha Benjamin – $5,000 – Race Unplugged – Benjamin is a professor of African American Studies at Boston University. On twitter she has implied FOX News is racist.

Tom Philpott – $7,500 – Back to the Future of Agriculture – Philpott supports liberal climate change policies in his blog on Mother Jones.

In total, UW-Whitewater is spending an additional $52,000 on liberal speakers and topics.

The lecture series has no topics or speakers supporting free markets, tax reform, or smaller government. The university has ignored multiple email and phone call requests for comment on their bias.

So, in doing that math – this year and last that’s $100K-plus for leftist ideas and $0 for talks on liberty, capitalism, or any other topic that makes this country great.

That’s the state of higher education today, at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and across the nation.

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Public University To Spend $52K on Spate of Liberal Speakers.

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