Pupils sign ‘no fouls’ contract to play football at school

May 17, 2016 by


Pupils at a Dundee primary school have been asked to sign a fair play contract if they want to play football at break times.

Children at Forthill Primary in Broughty Ferry took part in drafting the 17-clause contract with staff.

It came in response to “issues” during football games which have been “carried into” teaching time.

Clauses include promising not to foul tackle other players, not to gloat, and promising to keep up school work.

Pupils breaking the contract will face temporary football bans.

Other clauses in the contract include agreeing to use “supportive and encouraging language” and not to “elbow or shoulder charge.”

A Dundee City Council spokesman said: “The letter has been issued by the primary to families following a number of issues that have occurred this school year during break and lunchtime football games.

“These then, at times, have been carried into the general playground or into teaching time.

“Children were directly involved with staff in suggesting the contents of the agreement.

“Any parent with concerns about this should contact the school to discuss these.”

Source: Pupils sign ‘no fouls’ contract to play football at school – BBC News

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