Purchasing Options for Videos of #CANiSEE the Solution Conference

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Purchasing Options for Videos of #CANiSEE the Solution Conference


The #CANiSEE The Solution Conference in Austin, Texas on June 21-21 was a tremendous success!  Many people are clamoring for videos of the highly-respected speakers.  Because the Conference provided real solutions for stopping Common Core, interest is building for the videos.


People are asking how they can purchase a single DVD of the Conference rather than purchasing the one-year On Demand subscription. The DVD option allows the purchaser to keep the video permanently.  


Vault Media has established the following media pricing:

1.  One-year On Demand Subscription – $99

2.  Any single DVD of one speaker/workshop – $30 each

3.  Any single CD of one speaker/workshop – $25 each

4.  DVD set of all 13 speakers/workshops – $299

5.  CD set of all 13 speakers/workshops – $249

6.  Entire event on MP3 (USB drive) – $99

7.  Full media set of all DVDs / CDs / MP3 – $499

8.  Free On Demand subscription for full DVD set  


Use this link to purchase the one-year On Demand subscription:



To purchase a DVD or CD of the event, please e-mail Vault Event Media at:



Or phone (314) 261-3400


(Chris Quarles of Vault Event Media was in charge of recording our Conference.)


Their website address is:




    Vault Media Videos of #CANiSEE Solutions Conference


Package Speaker Topic
Free Sample Mary Bowen, Jeanine McGregor Creating Change by Asking Questions
Free Sample Alice Linahan Creating a Local Initiative
Free Sample Karen Schroeder

MerryLynn Gerstenschlager

Taking It Local, Keys to Testifying
Free Sample — 8 Jane Robbins The Reality of Our Children’s Data Collection
9 Jane Robbins

Dr. Sandra Stotsky

Dr. James Milgram

Jenni White

Questions and Answers with the Experts
11 Lori Mashburn

Glyn Wright

Sarah Perry

Policy Think Tank Panel
10 Jenni White Huge Success in Oklahoma – Repeal of Common Core
5 Nakonia Hayes The Story Behind Saxon Math
6 Mary Bowen

Dr. Stan Hartzler

Jeanine MacGregor

Emily McBurney

Reality on the Ground – Panel Discussion
7 Frank Gaffney Is Fed Ed Led a National Security Threat?
1 Cathie Adams

Dr. Peg Luksik

The Battles Fought and Won
2 Dr. Sandra Stotsky

Dr. James Milgram

Common Core Validation Committee
3 Henry W. Burke CCS State Implementation Costs, Type #1 vs. Type #2 Philosophies



Donna Garner



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