Purity of Thought and Other Nazi Parallels

Jun 27, 2015 by


By Dr. Jim Garrow

It was a Mr. Goebbels who took the notion that an “Aryan race” would naturally think in a particular way as a resultant consequence of their superiority. The teaching of that way of thinking was critical to the perpetuation of that perfection. Aiming for “perfection” in thought and deed and in genetics became part of the “Master Race’s” frenzy in wiping out the “recessive” thinking of the lesser races.

At the bottom of that barrel of recessive thought and lesser genetics was “the Jew.” Get rid of this element and purity could be attained. Modern-day America is seeing the same pattern worked out firstly in a captive media that reported the mindset and the mantra as Mr. Goebbels squeezed them into it through fear, intimidation and death.

Bathhouse Barry does that same thing using the skills of his modern day Goebbels, Valerie Jarrett, and the other mastermind of correct thinking, David Axelrod. None dare depart from the approved script, or they will find themselves with no seat on Air Force One or no place in the rarified air of the press briefings; Barry I (Barry the First) will brook no interference in “His House.”

The cuddling and pawing of fawning Biden shows the deception for what it is – personal, friendly, deep. Dissent is never allowed and dealt with in an ascending hierarchy of retaliatory measure. Ask the wrong question and we don’t hear much from you again, if ever.

There is a perfection that Mr. Obama has been schooled in and embraced. It is steeped in Marxism and resentment, Islamist thought, and anti-Christian and Jew hatred. “The Monkey Man” (as the Chinese call him) envisions himself ascendant on the throne of mankind, the best of the best, the ultimate expression of humanity’s progression toward perfection.

I have never heard a serpent laugh, but I can imagine him chuckling over his obedient servant, Barack Hussein Obama.

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