Push for young minority voters reaches into high school

Nov 3, 2018 by

Image result for vote early and often photosVarious groups are pushing hard to register record numbers of young minority voters, emphasizing the importance of getting their voices heard.

At one of more than two dozen stations in a dimly lit Boyle Heights call center, Wendy Morales clicked her mouse to place a call to an L.A. County resident named Dulce.

Morales, 20, is young and Latino, like Dulce and the many others she’s been working to reach. She’s part of a big push to get her peers to vote.

Dulce didn’t hang up, as some do. In fact, she had a question as a first-time voter: Could she fill out her ballot with a pencil?

Young voters have been a particular target of outreach leading up to the November midterm elections because they are underrepresented. They’re especially sought after by Democrats because they lean liberal, especially in California, where they could help flip Republican seats and unseat the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Source: Push for young minority voters reaches into high school – Los Angeles Times

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