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Students have a stressful life, balancing sleep, life, study, churning out coursework, sitting exams and learning how to boil eggs. And of course, students must find the money to finance their study, which is a difficult task when juggling college work and a social life. So, what are the best jobs for a penniless student wanting to work, study and play?

Events and hospitality

If the student is the extraverted sort, then events and hospitality work could be the perfect job for them. It’s great for both casual and part-time work, and those looking for entry level work. The job can involve working at gigs and festivals, fashion weeks, sporting events, hotels and leisure attractions. Topuniversities say, ‘If you like the idea of no two days being the same, then student jobs in events could be for you. It is fairly impossible to say what this would mean on a typical day – one day you might be stewarding at a local sports ground, the next you might be handing out candy floss in a shopping mall as part of a promotion.’ Since the work is flexible it’s perfect for the student. Depending on the position, the work ranges from bar work and waitressing, to catering, cleaning and organising. The prime candidate for events and hospitality work will be a sociable, flexible, enthusiastic individual who is also smartly dressed and efficient at work.

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Bar work

Leading on from events and hospitality is the old faithful: bar work. If the student is a night owl with a glittering personality, then bar work could be a step in the right direction. Bar work is incredibly flexible, and the student could find themselves working in a club or hotel, serving drinks and snacks. Other responsibilities include cleaning tables, washing glasses, keeping the bar in order and making the perfect cocktail. No formal qualifications are needed, although previous experience would be a bonus.

Personality is key for bar work, not only are you expected to be a bright and cheerful presence behind the bar, but you also have to work with some seriously difficult and drunk customers, so this is not the job for the shrinking violet. And if the idea of working in the dingy student bar doesn’t appeal, why not try and find an upmarket bar with big tippers? Topuniversities state, ‘you often get free food from the kitchen, the locals will buy you drinks, the work is fairly easy, you will learn how to pour a perfect pint and make a killer mojito, you will meet some ‘characters’, and generally have a lot of fun.’

Poker dealer

A slightly different alternative comes in the shape of a poker dealer. You will are likely to be required to complete a course a four to eight week training course to learn how to become a poker dealer, but once it is complete, you are free to apply for a position at a casino.

The course may not be necessary if you have a bit of poker experience, you could speculatively visit your local casino and learn on the job. Although a passion for the game is a must, it’s the perfect job for the mathematically minded student, as knowing how to calculate bets and pots is an essential skill. It’s also important to be patient and have good attention to detail. Poker dealers must also be highly sociable – you meet a great many people on the job and it’s the poker dealer’s duty to deliver good customer service with great communication skills.


Another good job for the student is childminding. These days, both parents are often out at work during the day and need someone to collect their children from school or nursery and keep them occupied until they get home, which is where the flexibility of the student comes into its own. If you’re a student who loves spending time with babies or young children, then childminding is a good way to earn some extra cash. It’s essential that the student is committed to the welfare or the child they’re looking after, and a passion for children is a must.


Tutoring suits the chaotic student lifestyle. Working with children, teens or adults, the tutor provides one-to-one education on a specialist topic or subject area. The joy of this job is that it can be done over a computer or face to face and is a great chance to show off how much you’ve learned during your own education. As far as skills go, those looking to go into tutoring should be excellent and -most importantly –patient communicators, with good motivational skills. A good way of getting work as a third-year student would be to advertise around your campus- there should be many first-year students who are struggling to get to grips with the course material.

Being a student is hard, and it’s made even harder when you have no means to support yourself through your study. It’s clear however that there are numerous options when looking for flexible, creative, nourishing work, from tutor to poker dealer.

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