Quiz: How much do you know about global education?

Sep 25, 2014 by

Millions of children around the world benefit from the basic human right of education — even if they don’t yet know it.

Most Americans grow up with the benefits of education, and access to it is something we’ve come to expect. In fact, the world agrees that access to an education is so important that in 2000, the world made a promise that children everywhere by 2015 would be able to receive a primary education.

We’ve made monumental progress since the turn of the millennium, but momentum has stalled. Globally, nearly one in 10 children still go through life without a basic primary education that will help them improve their life conditions. And out of this group, 31 million of those children are girls. The children around the globe, especially girls, deserve a basic education. And it is our duty to kick up the dust so world leaders take notice.

Show us what you know about education.

via Quiz: How much do you know about global education? | MSNBC.

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