Rabbi Peretz: I decide on education, not the Health Ministry

Apr 16, 2020 by

Education Minister says decision to reopen schools rests with him, Health Ministry should not publicly discuss issue.

Rafi Peretz

Rafi Peretz

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Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz addressed statements by Health Ministry officials about the possible return to school next week during a meeting of the Education Ministry Thursday.

According to a report on Ynet, Rabbi Peretz said during the discussion, “The Health Minisatry has an opinion and is legitimate, but it does not make decisions about the education system.”

“The Finance Ministry is responsible for finance, health for health and I for education. They are unaware of the challenges and implications that must be decided upon, about matriculation, special education and more,” he added.

He said, “In the end, the prime minister hears the variety of views of the government ministries and is decisive, but any unilateral publicly expressed opinion causes confusion among the public and transmits chaos. I coordinate with the commander-in-chief and as soon as the decision is made we will put it out neatly.”

This morning, Professor Sigal Sadecki, head of public health at the Ministry of Health, said in an interview with Reshet Bet Bet that it would take a long time for the education system to return to activity.

Source: Rabbi Peretz: I decide on education, not the Health Ministry – Inside Israel – Israel National News

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