The Race Grievance Industry

Aug 25, 2014 by

Betty Freauf –

Dr. Bob Woodson, the black Founder and President of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise coined the above title of this article. He was a guest on the Bill Bennett in the Morning radio on Aug. 18, 2014 and was thankful for the opportunity to tell the world that Reverend Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson have taken the Civil Rights movement and their victimology way too far and they are now causing the black community to lose many of the gains they’ve made over the past few decades. He was a guest on the Mike Huckabee/FOX on Saturday, August 23 spreading his message. The well-orchestrated riots and boycotts by these types of race hustlers won’t affect their sons and daughters; however, it’s the black cab drivers, waiters, maids and other blacks in low income jobs who end up without employment when the white folks move their businesses out of the community.

William (Bill) Bennett is former education secretary under President Reagan and drug czar during the Bush Administration. He wrote the so-called BOOK OF VIRTUES and came under fire when it was discovered he wasn’t quite as “virtuous” as he wanted people to believe. He had a gambling problem. His public-school K12 Virtual Academy is “for profit” like the Connections Academy (charter schools) currently being advertised. Home school experts point out that these public-school virtual academies have little in common with traditional homeschooling. Because “the state chooses and controls the curriculum used to reach, train and indoctrinate the student.”[1]


Woodson says we have about 17 blacks that are killed every year by white police but 6,000 blacks are killed every year by other blacks. The deaths in the black community is equivalent to a 9-11 every six months and yet these deaths of mostly young black men doesn’t provoke the kind of national outcry and indignation like what happened in Ferguson, Missouri because “evil has to wear a white face”, Woodson said. And as I draft this article, more and more information is becoming known about what really happened to this alleged college bound 6’4” 292 pound black teen on marijuana. One thing is for sure, he sure knocked the thousands of illegals coming across our southern border and the suicide of Robin Williams right off the front pages of the newspapers.

Cities all across the U.S. stood in solidarity with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. Portland, Oregon was another of the cities with Democrat mayors standing in solidarity with their arms in the air and signs that say, “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” and yet nearly every day there are killings in primarily the black districts in Portland not by police but blacks killing blacks. Police say there are 20 more violent crimes this year above last year and it’s only August. The sixth day into the protests in Ferguson found more shootings in one night in Portland and more deaths than in Ferguson. Dr. Phil recently had a young man on his show caught up in a gang. It was reported we have 30,000 gangs in the U.S. and a million members.

While the instigators in Ferguson are more than likely not the home town residents, they are probably a mixture of old Black Panthers , anarchists that always seem available for such protests like this. In Ferguson it’s been reported they come from California to New York. Our developing civilization with sometimes unstable individuals will never be perfect and the more affluent we have become the farther our country began to move away from dependence on God.

Dr. Woodson refers to studies by the Joint Center of Political Economic Study – a liberal think tank – that has done surveys in the black community over the last 12 years as to what the most important issues might be. Out of the last three studies, race came up with only about two or three percent. The most important issues were jobs and protection. It’s the RACE GRIEVANCE INDUSTRY that dominates even causing some Republican candidates who tend to validate the claims of these race hustlers.


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