How Race-Obsessed Oxford Group Reacted When Heat Street Exposed It

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The SJWs of Race Matters were out for blood after we exposed their inner workings.

By Will TG Miller –

It’s been two days since my article exposing the secret race-obsessed group run on Facebook by students from Oxford and Cambridge Universities went viral.

Moments after Heat Street published my story, their victimhood engines were already churning at full power.


The irony of a bunch of stuck-up students at the best universities in the world calling me “privileged” has not gone unnoted.

Unsurprisingly, they weren’t angry or upset that prominent individuals in their group had been engaging in hate speech and racially offensive language under the banner of ‘anti-racism’ – they were simply furious that they had been exposed.

The 7,000-strong movement began mobilizing to expose as much of my personal information as possible, a strategy known as “doxxing”.

Links to all of my online profiles, such as my LinkedIn account, were published on their page, and they began detailing a plan to get me kicked out of university and fired from my places of work.


While I knew that a racist hate group known for condoning anti-white, anti-Semitic and sexist rhetoric would be bound to object to me laying bare the bigotry in their midst with hard evidence such as screenshots and direct quotations, I had thought that they might at least engage with the points I raised, rather than resorting to personal attacks and slander.


Clearly my expectations were way off-mark.

Because they had no basis on which to criticize me or my article, some members resorted, of course, to outright lies and mendacious personal attacks.

They crafted a narrative in which I was “threatening working class people of color, women, gay men and people with mental illnesses”.

I was a “prolific sexual predator”, with a history of violence. I was “targeting” WOC (women of color) by exposing vitriolic hate speech; so much so that one user began religious supplication to the effect that I never date a non-white woman ever again.


Within hours, Race Matters members emailed my places of work, my university; even my former employers were not spared the assault.

My boss even contacted me, concerned and confused at the sudden flood of emails and even text messages he received, one of which accused me of “directly targeting and harassing vulnerable people”.


All of this shows perfectly how toxic the social justice movement really is.

While purporting to fight against racism, they in fact engage in it. Caught in the act, they would rather claim that they’re under attack or being oppressed than admit any wrongdoing.

Failing that, they engage in libelous personal attacks like calling you a rapist or a sexual predator – or worse yet, threaten legal action against you – just for telling the truth.

The SocJus movement is not only an echo chamber, but a dangerous mob with a cult mentality. To them, certain demographics can do no wrong, and others are always to blame.

They operate only in sealed online environments where hateful and racist opinions bounce off the likeminded so and accelerate to near-lightspeed levels of aggression. In the face of this, it is easy to bow down in fear and refuse to condemn their bigotry and prejudice.


Yet we must not be threatened by their mob justice tactics or their false accusations of racism and sexual misconduct.

If we let them cow our free speech and refuse to speak out, then the social justice bigots will already have won.

Source: How Race-Obsessed Oxford Group Reacted When Heat Street Exposed It | Heat Street

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