Race to the Top NCLB “on steroids”

Mar 19, 2013 by

Consider that the implementation of No Child Left Behind, known as the era of high-stakes testing, began in 2002 under president George W. Bush, and that Race to the Top, which critics call NCLB “on steroids” for its reliance on standardized testing, began in 2009 under President Obama. Now read these passages and guess when they were written:

Testing has assumed a prominent role in recent efforts to improve the quality of education …. Policymakers believe that testing sets meaningful standards to which school systems, schools, teachers, and students can aspire; that test data can help shape instruction; that it serves important accountability purposes; and that coupled with effective incentives and/or sanctions, testing is a powerful engine of change. Proponents point with pride to rising test scores.

via Guess when this was written.

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