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Radical Activists Oppose Campus Leaders Who Are White

Jun 5, 2013 by

Who ever thought the day would come when a white person would be the one who had to ask to be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character?

At colleges campuses, it’s happening more and more frequently.

Most recently, a white man selected to chair the board of the predominantly black Roxbury Community College in Massachusetts was lampooned by some community activists who called for someone with black skin to fill the slot, The Daily Caller reported Tuesday.

Nevertheless, the person selected also heads a nonprofit that helps struggling urban youths, and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick stood behind his pick, the Caller reported.

Professor Steven Hayward, writing on Power Line, chimed in on the situation by noting “good to see that the old spirit of segregation is still alive on the left. By the way, it is not as though Roxbury doesn’t have minorities represented in its management: the president of Roxbury is black.”

And professor and Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds take on the controversy was simply: “It’s sad to see such open and unapologetic racism in 21st century America.”

Yet in another recent and similar example, a Northwestern University student was rejected for a “diversity and inclusion post” in student government because he is a white, heterosexual male, Fox News reported last month.

“This university is not ready, in any capacity, for a heterosexual white male to be in charge in any way of diversity and inclusion,” said Ian Coley, a member of the diversity committee, in the campus newspaper. “I don’t know if any university is.”

Unfortunately, that student’s assumption is likely correct – but for all the wrong reasons.

via Radical Activists Oppose Campus Leaders Who Are White.

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