Radical Ideology Forced on Students

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The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) promotes not just “English” instruction, but a radical “social justice” and critical theory agenda. NCTE trains teachers to indoctrinate students with radical ideology, under the guise of classroom English assignments, and in violation of parental rights.

Liberty Counsel represents concerned parents in the Coweta County School District where Language Arts teacher Kima Brown and other Northgate High School English teachers were workshop “presenters” at the NCTE 2017 National Conference. The conference agenda instructional sessions included:

  • “Enacting Social Justice-Focused English Curricula”
  • “Who Are We as Activist Allies? Storying Our Work as Social Justice Educators”
  • “Using LGBTQ Texts in Middle School…;”
  • “Why Are All the Trans Youth So ‘Normal’? Intersectionality and Absence in Current Trans[gender] Fiction for Youth”
  • “Race Radical Literacies”
  • “Sexuality, Power, and Rape Culture: Understanding Feminism in Adolescence”
  • “Consciously Designing … Resistance Pedagogy for 21st Century Youth”
  • “Using Graphic Novels to Spark Political Activism”
  • “Rejecting Neutrality: Literacy & Political Engagement in the ELA Classroom”

One of the conference’s three “Featured Sessions” was entitled “Queering English Studies: Navigating Politics, Policies, and Practices…” The session description stated, “Queer K–12 teachers and students must continue… constructing learning spaces, creating projects, and pursuing research agendas that move English studies … to transformation so that participants can be proactive in their schools and communities.”

At Northgate High School, Ms. Brown required her students, without parental consent, to complete an individual “dossier” containing confidential and personally identifiable information including a photograph, a strand of hair, a handwriting sample and fingerprints. These “dossiers” were posted in the classroom where the data could have been taken by students, staff, faculty and school guests, thus violating students’ privacy. The assignment was not part of the school’s curriculum and was not required of other classes. Concerned parents view this unauthorized data collection as conditioning of their students to accept privacy violations by the state.

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