The Most Radical Speakers at the DNC

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The Dems should look in the mirror before accusing Trump and the GOP of extremism

by Edmund Kozak –

The Clinton Campaign and the Democratic Party are going to great lengths to depict Donald Trump and his supporters as politically extreme. But one look at the this year’s lineup of speakers at Democratic Convention, many of whom hold radical left-wing views, shows that the Democrats are the only ones promoting outward displays of extremism during this election.

Rep. Xavier Becerra

Becerra is an extreme open-borders politician. In college Becerra, was a member of Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA), a racist Chicano organization which seeks to create a Mexican client state, “Aztlan” out of portions of the southwestern United States. Its slogan is “For the race, everything; for those outside the race, nothing.”

Far from renouncing his past association, Becerra defended the organization and its racist motto in 2003, claiming that “this is like the 1960s where people were accusing the Southern Leadership Christian Conference of being a communist organization.” Incidentally, Becerra is the only politician in the country to whom Judge Gonzalo Curiel has made a campaign contribution.

“I have been a congressman for 11 years and I’ve served very well. And I was a member of MEChA,” Becerra said proudly.

Rep. Joaquin Castro

Another ardent proponent of open borders and amnesty, Castro — brother of Julian Castro, Obama’s HUD Secretary — is a born and bred radical. His mother Rosie was a prominent far-left activist and community organizer. She was one of the founders of the racial separatist group, National Council of La Raza.

In an addition to being a supporter of the Left’s war against American borders, Castro is also a partisan in the Left’s war against the English language. The congressman sponsored a bill to remove all use of the word “alien” from all federal law. “Our federal government continues to use terms that dehumanize and ostracize those in our society who happen to have been born elsewhere,” Castro said.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks during a news conference at police headquarters in New York, Monday, Dec. 22, 2014. De Blasio called Monday for a pause in protests over police conduct as he faced a widening rift with those in a grieving force who accuse him of creating a climate of mistrust that contributed to the execution of two officers. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Since becoming Mayor, de Blasio has slowly but surely been undoing the work Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg put into making New York City a pleasant place in which to live. He has taken every opportunity to undermine successful charter schools and successful policing.

An early and eager proponent of the cops-are-racist myth, de Blasio is so anti-law enforcement NYPD officers have turned their backs on him publicly on multiple occasions. A committed leftist, de Blasio spent the 1980s raising money for the communist Sandinista movement in Nicaragua, and spent his honeymoon in communist Cuba.

“Mothers of the Movement”
A black activist group composed of the mothers of those killed by or in the custody of law enforcement, “Mothers of the Movement” includes the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown.

The presence of this group confirms the Democrats have no intention of toning down their anti-police rhetoric. Regarding their presence, the Philadelphia Order of Police released a statement saying it “is insulted … It is sad that to win an election Mrs. Clinton must pander to the interests of people who do not know all the facts, while the men and women they seek to destroy are outside protecting the political institutions of this country.”

Rep. Maxine Waters

Waters holds views one might think were better suited for the Black Panther Party, not the Democratic Party, though it is getting difficult to tell the difference these days.

Waters referred to the 1992 L.A. riots as a “rebellion” and “a spontaneous reaction to a lot of injustice and a lot of alienation and frustration.” Waters defended Joanne Chesimard — aka Assata Shakur, a member of the Black Liberation Front terrorist group who murdered a state trooper in 1973.

After voting for her extradition from Cuba without realizing who she was, Waters sent a friendly letter to Fidel Castro saying she wouldn’t have done so had she realized. She then defended Castro’s right to deny extradition, and in doing so effectively defended Chesimard’s actions as an act of legitimate political resistance.

“I support the right of all nations to grant political asylum to individuals fleeing political persecution,” she said. “The United States grants political asylum to individuals from all over the world who successfully prove they are fleeing political persecution. Other sovereign nations have the same right, including the sovereign nation of Cuba.”

Rep. Luis Gutierrez

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) addresses delegates during the second session of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 5, 2012. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS) - RTR37J8M

Gutierrez is perhaps the most fervently pro-amnesty congressman in the Democratic Party. A supporter of blanket amnesty, in 2001 Gutierrez sponsored an early version of the DREAM Act, the first congressman to do so.

Another who asserts all opposition to immigration is racism, Gutierrez astonishingly claimed that Republicans concerned about the 2014 influx of unaccompanied minors were acting “as though they despise and hate all of our [Hispanic] children.”

In 2015, Gutierrez boasted of Chicago’s noncompliance with federal immigration law. “I want to let everybody know, the city of Chicago is the friendliest immigrant city in the nation and Rahm Emmanuel had a lot to do with that,” Gutierrez said. “He made sure that we no longer cooperate with immigration authorities when it comes to the deportation and separation of our families by using city structures.”

“I have only one loyalty,” Gutierrez said in 2010, “and that’s to the immigrant community.”

Astrid Silva
LAS VEGAS, NV - NOVEMBER 21: Immigration activist Astrid Silva introduces U.S. President Barack Obama to speak on his executive action on U.S. immigration policy at Del Sol High School on November 21, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Obama outlined a plan on Thursday to ease the threat of deportation for about 4.7 million undocumented immigrants. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Silva is an illegal alien and DREAMer activist who arrived in America when she was four years old. A supporter of amnesty, Silva is the poster child for the Democrats’ campaign to depict Republican opposition to immigration as a veil nasty bigotry.

Since being mentioned by Obama publicly, Silva has been used as a prop by opportunistic Democrats who use her story in an attempt to manipulate public emotion, and deflect focus from the issues of national security and the rule of law which are fundamentally linked to immigration.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Warren presents herself as a reasonable academic, but she is as extreme and partisan as they come. After videos emerged of Planned Parenthood officials allegedly trafficking in the parts of aborted fetuses, Warren defended the organization, contended that the videos were fake, and attacked the GOP for allegedly trying to infringe upon women’s rights.

“I come to the Senate floor today to ask my Republican colleagues a question: Do you have any idea what year it is? Did you fall down, hit your head, and think you woke up in the 1950s or 1890s?” Warren said sarcastically.

In addition to support for abortion, Warren is one of the most rabidly anti-Wall Street politicians in office, and even boasted about being some kind of influence on the riotous Occupy Wall Street movement. “I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do,” she said. “I support what they do.”

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