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about time12.2.13 – PODCAST — Alice Linahan’s Radio Show with guest – retired teacher
Janice VanCleave  —




Janice VanCleave is a veteran classroom teacher in Texas. On Alice’s radio
show, Janice does a fabulous job of describing what classrooms look like now
under such egregious and expensive programs as LeadYourSchool vs. the way
classrooms should look when real teaching is done with real kids. 


Janice is very humorous, but among her catchy expressions and interesting
personal teaching experiences she discredits the expensive education
programs that are harming students’ academic achievement and pulling them
away from a belief in American exceptionalism.       


Then Alice Linahan gives a brilliant summary in which she describes the
corrupt education deals made with our tax dollars and who it is that is
reaping the big bucks from the “education cash cow.”  Alice points out that
Bill Ratliff (Thomas Ratliff’s father) and Linda Darling-Hammond serve on
the same national advisory board – Parents for Public Education.  By
connecting the dots, Alice lays out the similarities between the way Common
Core Standards and its Type #2 philosophy of education were foisted onto our
country and the way Type #2 CSCOPE was foisted onto Texas.same philosophy
and same methods used.


Not coincidentally, the day after this radio program aired, “Texas’
Scam-Artist-in-Chief,” Thomas Ratliff, once again indicated in a press
release that he may decide to refile charges against Alice Linahan with the
Texas Ethics Commission.


This is such a bunch of rot!  Texas’ Scam-Artist-in-Chief Thomas Ratliff is
on the Texas State Board of Education illegally and is making millions of
dollars as a long-time registered lobbyist for Microsoft (with whom the SBOE
and the TEA do business) – a direct conflict of interest; yet Ratliff has
the gall to unjustly accuse a concerned and activist mother who is taking
money out of her family’s pocket and time away from her husband and children
to alert the public to the corruption that is occurring in our public
schools right under taxpayers’ noses. 


Because most Texans know when something stinks, I believe Ratliff’s bullying
efforts, meant to intimidate Alice Linahan and other concerned grassroots
citizens into silence, will simply arouse more people to sign the petition


We believe that Thomas Ratliff’s actions are so outrageous that he has
reached the tipping point with the public and that thousands more will sign


It only takes a minute, and no personal questions are asked.  This petition
allows every concerned mom, pop, grandparent, and citizen a way to take a
meaningful action step that can and will make a huge difference in the
future of our Texas school children:


At the exact right moment, this petition is going to be sent to the Texas
House members to bring public pressure on them to begin impeachment
proceedings against Thomas Ratliff to remove him from the Texas State Board
of Education. 


Texas House members are listening. Stay tuned.



“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all
the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” (Abraham





12.3.13 — “Welcome Back to Reality: Thomas Ratliff Threatening TEC Charges
Against Alice Linahan Again” —



11.20.13 – “Irony of Ironies: Thomas Ratliff Accusing Others of Being
Unethical” – by Donna Garner —



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