Raising Awareness About Bullying

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Bullying is a serious issue that affects many children and even adults. It affects people of all backgrounds and can make someone feel completely alone in the world. Bullying harms individuals both mentally and at times physically, and should be prevented and actively discouraged. How? First, understand what bullying is, what it entails. The next step is getting involved and teaching kids how to combat bullying. Lastly, spreading the word about bullying is equally important. Every classroom should teach kids anti-bullying tactics, and these rules should be repeated as many times as needed. Even when bullying occurs, the victims must be shown that help will be provided. They must understand what this help is in order to seek it.

What is bullying?

Bullying can harm and humiliate those who are being victimized. One of the first forms of bullying can be seen on the school grounds, whether in the classroom or during recess. With technology, bullying is not only done in person but rather online. This is termed cyberbullying. Sending hurtful emails, texts and posting hurtful images online are all examples of cyberbullying. It causes emotional stress and harm, and sometimes even physical. Bullying can happen within the school between peers, but even in the workplace later in life. Bullying is almost never a stand-alone event and rather repeats itself several times. It can be seen in many shapes and forms, with varying behavior on the part of the bully, though all of which make the victim feel depressed and alone.

Getting involved and spreading the word

In order to prevent bullying, it is important for everyone to be involved. Teachers must teach their students about anti-bullying and bullying. Anti-bullying lessons must be included as part of kid’s curriculum. Parents must also teach their kids about what to do in those situations. Getting involved means taking preventative measures. Schools should even hold events in their atrium so that the whole school will learn about it at the same time.

Some victims of bullying may need help and support in terms of getting the bullying to stop, which can, at times, be a lengthy process. The first way of standing up against bullying is being taught about anti-bullying. Tied directly to getting involved, anti-bullying tactics require spreading the word. Another way of doing this, aside from lessons in the class, is through flyers. Adobe Spark offers templates for flyers online that can be used for any messaging. These flyers should include details of understanding the implications of bullying and could be used to affect at a school. Guidance counselors, teachers, the principal and family members must make themselves available and open should a victim of bullying come to them for help.

There isn’t a single person that deserves to be bullied. It brings with it harm and a traumatic experience that degrades a person’s self-esteem and happiness. Spreading the awareness about bullying is important and one of the first steps in dealing with it. Through spreading awareness, everyone can begin to take action against it. Adults should always make themselves open to the children suffering through this, and take preventative measures by teaching them about anti-bullying from a very early age.

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