Ravitch forms advocacy group to counter Rhee and other school reformers

Mar 9, 2013 by

Diane Ravitch, the education historian who has become the leader of a national movement opposing corporate-inspired school reform, has formed an advocacy group as a counter to Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst and like-minded organizations that are pushing standardized test-based and other changes in education policy.

The Network for Public Education will connect organizations  focused on fighting school closings, high-stakes standardized testing and other reforms and endorse and rate political candidates based on their positions on education.

Ravitch is a research professor at New York University, a former assistant secretary of education and the author of a number of books, including the best-selling “The Death and Life of the Great American School System,” an important critique of modern school reform. She has a new book coming out later this year on the privatization of public education.

Here is a Q&A I did with Ravitch about why she set up the group and what she hopes to accomplish:

Why did you set this up?
In the past few years, the damage wreaked on public schools by a very small number of very wealthy people has accelerated. Millions of dollars have poured into state and local school elections in just the past two years, to push for privatization and punitive high-stakes testing. Parents, students, educators and others concerned about their community public schools feel powerless to counter the avalanche of big money.

Ravitch forms advocacy group to counter Rhee and other school reformers.

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