React new Version v17.0 release, and major changes in React new version v17.0

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Hey readers, on August-10-2020 React team has released new version v17.0. so in today’s blog, I will tell you about the major changes in React new version v17.0, so keep reading this blog you will get the all information about the major changes in the new version.

React team took almost three years to release its new version but the main thing is that there are no new features introduced in the latest version. According to the react team they didn’t introduce any new feature because they want to keep it easier for the developer community, but they said that they are working on some new updates for the latest version v17.0.

React Templates to learn about new features

You can also download some react templates to learn more about the new features on latest react version, as lots of developers download templates to learn about method to be used while creating projects in react. Templates are considered as best sources, because they are made by expert developers, and they also came with detailed documentation, which will help you to understand how to create projects in react.

About Latest Update

There is no new feature in the latest version but the React team has made some changes in its new version v17.0. So, let’s discuss the major changes in the new version.

  1. The New version will not support event handlers at the document level

In version, v17.0 React will not support event handler at the document level in a simple word this means React attach an event handler to the root DOM container in the React Tree. With the help of this change, it is now super easy and safe to use other technologies with React applications. And now you can manage different React components securely.

  1. Event system

React team has fixed multiple issues in the event system. Such as React developers have fixed the issue of onScroll, in the previous version when someone scrolls children element then the parent element gets fired. So it is fixed in the new version.

In the new version now you can use onclickcapture to capture browser phases.

  1. Using cleanup

With the help of this change in the new version, it will clean up all the effects before implementing a new effect. This means when the component is unmounting, the cleanup will run automatically after the screen updates.

  1. Event pooling is eliminated

React development team has removed Event pooling because it is not able to increase the performance in a new browser. Now with new version v17.0, you can easily read events fields whenever you need.

  1. Removed private exports

In the latest version of React v17.0, the React team has removed private exports. Previously React native for web was the only app with the help of that you could use private export. So with this new update now they don’t depend on private exports.

Other than all of these major change React team has improved the memory uses of React applications and they also fix lots of bugs that were present in the previous version of React v16. But the main thing is that this version is also new so there is a huge probability that it may contain more bugs so it is ok to wait for a stable update.

So that’s all from this blog I hope you like it and got the idea about the major changes in React new version v17.0, and if you did then don’t forget to share this blog with your friend. If you have some suggestions for future blogs, then you can let me know in the comment section down below.

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