Reader Blames NYSUT For Family Separations!

Feb 13, 2020 by

The best performance I ever saw of Oscar Wilde’s play “The Importance of Being Earnest” featured a cast of student actors and was presented at Leeds University in England when I was participating in a CUNY-sponsored study abroad program many years ago.

That’s surprising, considering there are film versions with Michael Redgrave and other great actors.

Something else not expected is that the most  cogent, original, relevant and entertaining letters by readers of newspapers do not appear on the pages of the dailies, which are usually over-edited, but rather the weekly community outlets, in particular one that focusing on civil service issues.

Regardless of format and political orientation, the daily papers are outclassed by the honest printed voices of the people.

But the community papers have their share of wacko correspondents too.

The waste product of one of them appears in the February 7th edition of The Roslyn Times, which is part of the Blank Slate Media Newspapers in New York City and Long Island.

The bloviator in question writes that “The NYSUT ( New York State United Teachers) is responsible for more family separations than the Trump Administration” and that “health insurance and pension benefits are exceedingly lavish”.

He scolds the “slavish fealty of the Governor, and in particular the Comptroller, who owes his job to these people…They will play the union card as a sop to their ‘pro-labor’ progressive cred, while simultaneously bleeding the working class of Long Island.”

In his analysis of public schools, the gasbag concludes “Thanks to the way we have enshrined and fetishized a K-12 education, we have let them run riot and drain the Island of a great deal of its potential and its population’s wealth.”

Apart from these comments, the author makes some other observations that make some borderline sense, but his generally execrable ideas are all over the map and, regrettably for my weary eyes, all over the page.

What turns both my stomach and the wheels of my mind is the thought of what kind of person would blame the state teachers union for shattering the domestic tranquility of the suburbs.

Hopefully he’s vetting the numerous mental-health professionals in his area to find a specialist in high-risk cases that accepts his co-pay.

Ron Isaac

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