Reading should be about pleasure, not points or prizes 

Jun 29, 2016 by

Children’s books site member Eligor was outraged on receiving a letter from school announcing a reading programme based on points, rewards and competition. Not only is it unnecessary, it may actually be turning children off reading for fun

I love reading for many reasons. It can be an escape from reality; a comfort for when you feel upset or fed up; nostalgic (I frequently reread my old picture books); just to relax; to think deeply about things (I’ve read a book called the Complete Philosophy Files and reviewed it on the Guardian Children’s book site!); to identify with characters; and also to savour the very words themselves.

The physical side of reading also plays a part. The feel of books, turning the pages, and the smell of books… (If you have ever smelled the pages of an old book, you will know what I mean.)

I always read for enjoyment. And being home-educated but about to go to secondary school, I assumed (well, hoped) that kids were allowed to read for enjoyment there too. Imagine my indignation when I received a letter from the school about a reading programme based on points and rewards which I will be expected to follow.

Source: Reading should be about pleasure, not points or prizes | Children’s books | The Guardian

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