REAL Forex Fury Review (My Experience)

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Forex Fury is a 100% automated bot that is a sheer blessing for both newbies and experienced traders alike. This statement isn’t conjectured as I’ve personally used this software and witnessed great results.

The Forex Fury provides traders an opportunity to work in a low-risk environment. Also, if you’re engaged with some other full-time business or a job like me, you’ll eventually need a helping hand that can assist you in a trading process.

I would recommend you must watch this video to know more about Forex Fury and what it has in store for you:

How Long I’ve Used Fury

I started using Forex Fury around 2 years back when I wanted to start a side-gig to support my financial affairs.

Just like any of you, I was afraid and wanted to play it really safe because of the limited savings and low-investment I had in hand at that time.

One of my friends recommended me, Forex Fury, which was really popular amongst traders at that time. I was skeptical, and this concept of automated trading was very new for me.

I had some concerns, and I felt it’s important to discuss them with someone from the Forex Fury team. So, I contacted their support. And guess what? It took me 10-minutes to make my decision (yes, the support team is that good).

Since then, Forex Fury is my best trading alley, and I trust this software for all my trading transactions.

Why I like Forex Fury?

I don’t like Forex Fury, as I am simply in love with this software. It helped me grow as a trader over time without undergoing bad experiences and losses.

Forex Fury has been introduced by the same team of developers who have designed Forex Steam. Forex Fury boasts a 93% win ratio. Their support team is mind-blowing. Also, you don’t need to invest lots of money initially to get started.

Forex Fury is compatible with multiple platforms, including NFA, FIFO, MT4, and MT5. The default settings are already tested and optimized, meaning all you have to do is to install it and use it right away without any annoying waiting time.

Forex Fury is an ideal option for investors like me who have limited risk-taking potential and confined investment. This software uses a low-risk strategy with less than 20% drawdowns.

Compatible with Multiple Platforms

Forex Fury is compatible with multiple trading platforms, giving traders enough flexibility to collaborate with the brokerage of their choice.

Money Management Feature

The Money Management feature is an added perk that ensures sustainable growth over time. With Forex Fury, you do not have to invest in any additional software or automated money managers or assistance as it will handle everything on its own.

Perfected for Multiple Currency Pairs

Unlike other Forex robots that can work with one or two currency pairs only, Forex Fury can work with multiple currency pairs. This opens doors of opportunities to the traders as they can benefit from all the opportunities available in the market.

Different Filters to Avoid Unfavorable Market Conditions

Forex Fury also offers different filters that you can use to avoid unfavorable market conditions.

It’s easy to install

When I first started out, I had no idea how to get started and proceed in an aggressive Forex world. Thanks to Forex Steam’s easy to install and use mechanism, I was able to start my trading journey without any hassle.

The installation process was a breeze. Also, I received a video tutorial and guides along with the link that helped me start without any additional assistance.

So, if you’re clueless about how to start as a beginner, the Forex Fury could be your safest bid.

The trading results are fantastic

The trading results of both live and demo accounts are listed on the Forex Fury website. If you’re not sure about those results, you can also refer to other independent websites like Myfxbooks to track the past performance of this software.

Why you should use Forex Fury?

There are tens of thousands of reasons why you need a software like Forex Fury to run your trades. For instance,

  • Forex Fury is easy to install and use
  • The trading results are verified
  • Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of users worldwide using Forex Fury
  • This software is compatible with multiple platforms
  • It is ideal for both beginners and expert traders
  • There are multiple filters and advanced features


If you’re looking to upscale your trading practices, you should give Forex Fury a shot. This software is a wonderful investment that will help you generate passive income for yourself if you’re already occupied with your routine job.

Currently, there are two versions available – Gold and Diamond. The Gold package is priced at $229.99 and offers 1 live account. The Diamond Package comes with a price sticker of $439.99 and offers 2 live accounts.

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