The Real Reasons Behind Rising Divorce Rate Amongst Couples

Jan 31, 2018 by

The entire “I do’s” do not always end up on a happily ever after note. Irrespective of having immense love for each other, couples often are forced to part ways. This extremely difficult to grasp the reality receives inertia from an array of factors which we have listed below. Go through the same, so that you don’t end up making the same mistake like tonnes of others.

  • Infidelity

Extramarital affairs are on a rise these days, causing most of the marriages to end in divorce. There are numerous reasons behind cheating, but a seemingly innocent friendship with a colleague might actually distance you from your spouse as after office sessions keep on heating up.

  • Abuse

Emotional and physical abuse has become a sad, but a growing reality of modern times. In many cases counselling, can be of considerable help. Irrespective of the reason, such abuse should not be tolerated by anyone.

  • Constant Arguing

Starting from doing the laundry to teaching the kid, couples tend to argue about anything and everything possible. But they do not realize how they get incessantly pulled apart. Couples continue to argue when they feel that they are not being heard properly or fail to understand each other’s point of view.

  • Financial Issues

If both the partners do not find themselves in the same chapter in terms of financial compatibility, their chances of getting divorced get heightened. We are all aware of the fact that opposites attract but when the partners come from two completely different financial departments, divorce becomes obvious. Just think of the massive conflict that will arise when one of the partners is an avid spender while the other an absolute saver. While one likes to live life to its fullest by engaging in unbridled frivolity, the other is more focused on the future. With time the conflict reaches such heights that the only logical conclusion remaining is divorce.

  • Lack Of Physical Intimacy

Physical touch brings along warmth like nothing else. Apart from the obvious intercourse, it is also essential to engage in occasional hugs, kisses and cuddling. Couples who lack this physical connectivity end up becoming virtual strangers with time. Women usually crave romance and men require sexual receptivity. Unless both of these attributes can be satisfied, there is a high chance of differences arising.

  • Difference In Interests And Priorities

No two human beings are similar in nature. But the secret recipe for a successful marriage lies in finding the confluence point in between varied interests in exploring new possibilities together. Unless you can do the same, you are bound to drift apart from your soul mate.

  • Inability In Resolving Conflicts

Disagreements are common amongst every couple, but the key lies in developing some ground rules to make every partner feel heard and respected. The requirement of a third-party referee might be felt at times for teaching us how to move ahead by flushing away all resentments.

Nobody ever said that marriage is a cakewalk. Even the most in-love couples get derailed down the line ending up in nasty courtroom battles. Thus, it is of vital importance to address the boiling issues your relationship might face. It’s always advisable to start early, as they might just get out of hand. But if you feel that things have already gone too far, then you can click here and seek out expert legal help.

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