Really Bad MBA Advice You Might Receive

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Going to business school means you will meet many different experts and people that think they are experts. They all give you advice and for most students it is difficult to realize that what is said is not at all beneficial. When it comes to what you should do as you look for an MBA, you will hear a lot of bad advice. Those mentioned below have to be understood because they can hurt your long term results.

Always participate in authority MBA events and learn from actual experts. Also, never blindly trust advice offered. Double check everything to properly prepare for admission. Here are some great examples of bad MBA advice that should never be trusted.

Say What People Want To Hear

No matter what you think and how good you are at acting, the admission committee is going to realize this is what you do. That is because most applicants make this huge mistake. If the school is competitive, you are going to be flagged down. The problem with this advice is that you do not actually know what the school wants. You are going to tell things that are common and that you think are correct when the truth is that you show you have no uniqueness.

Change Personal Stories And Career Goals For Every School

The core narrative and main goals have to be constant, regardless of school you apply to. This revolves around the same idea as above as you are trying to say things the application committee wants to hear. If you look online you will see many stories of students that failed because of the fact they listened to someone saying they should apply with X goal in mind. If your application features authentic goals and details, the possibility of being accepted is always much higher.

High Exam Scores Means You Get In Anywhere

Unfortunately, way too many students are taught that they simply need really high specific exam scores to get into any top academic institution. The truth is that you simply cannot rest on laurels. Numbers will be very attractive but only for the B-tier schools. If you are arrogant about it at the same time, you really hurt your chances of being accepted. Most schools want to see a leader instead of a great student that was a bad member of the community or employee. Stats never guarantee top MBA programme acceptance.

You Need Top Undergrad For Top MBA Programmes

When one applicant shows that he excelled at the college, had a strong career, competitive test scores and showed leadership, there is always a chance of being accepted even at the elite programmes, no matter the undergrad.

Do Not Apply When Numbers Are Under Arbitrary Number

Really low test scores does not mean you cannot get into a really good MBA programme. Weak numeric profiles are often secondary to life experience, perspective, personality and essays. The application review process is comprehensive and one single element in it will not extremely hurt your admission probability.

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