One more reason states should reject Common Core

Oct 19, 2014 by

The reach of Common Core national education standards and tests has moved beyond public school walls.

Last month a home-schooling family in New Jersey received a letter from Westfield Public School District superintendent Margaret Dolanthe. It outlined what she said was district home-school policy requiring families to “submit a letter of intent (to home-school) and an outline of their curriculum which must follow New Jersey Common Core content standards.” Dismayed, the family reached out to the Home School Legal Defense Association for assistance.

HSLDA senior counsel Scott Woodruff wrote to Dolanthe on behalf of the family, arguing the state’s home-schooling laws do not require adherence to Common Core. The school district dropped their demands, but informed the family their curriculum should still be “guided by the New Jersey Common Core State Standards.” According to Woodruff, this shows “a rather troubling mindset – almost an assumption that ‘since we have to follow common core, so should you.'” Indeed, the circumstance raises important questions about the scope of the so-called voluntary standards.

via One more reason states should reject Common Core – Brittany Corona – Newsday.

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