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Life at time becomes impossible and most people run to alcohol and drugs from some comfort. Which is always the wrong approach, but a lot of people do not know that. That is why every supervisor in an organization should undertake reasonable suspicion training. There are tons of online training programs and organizations which you and your employees can enroll in. These programs are designed to educate the supervisors and other employees. How alcohol and drug use can negatively impact the organization. How to know and deal with the individual, who is affected by that problem?  This problem can be dealt with before it becomes full blown and it will in turn help save a lot of costs that may be incurred when trying to deal with it when it is already out of hand.

These programs are designed in a way the supervisors are able to educate their employees on the impact that alcohol and drug use has to the organization and themselves. The employees can also enroll in their program too where they get to learn more about substance abuse and how it is going to affect them if they indulge in it.

Why should employers have reasonable suspicion training?

Drug and alcohol use cost employers a lot of money because of low productivity, absentiseem, and accidents. That is why all organizations should ensure their employees have been trained on these courses. It is not possible for the organization to tests itsemployees without the proper documents showing they have trained and understand the process. This programs gives information on the skills and tools that the organization is to use when dealing with substance abuse.

Why should employees have reasonable suspicious awareness training?

Employers should know that having the drug and alcohol awareness training, will positively impact their organization. Substance abuse, contributes negatively to the productivity of a work place and hence losing a lot. When employees are well trained, they will know how the drugs and alcohol affects their work and productivity.

Drug and alcohol implementation steps

  1. Set up an account to begin the program.
  2. Make sure the company has a drug and alcohol policy standard.
  3. Give the company employees forms of participation.
  4. Create a standardized template where you will include the names of the employees who are eligible for the program.
  5. Take the completed template to the company that will be doing the training.
  6. The company will thereafter receive a letter of enrollment to commence the program. It will include the number of days and the courses that will be taken.

Why should employers implement reasonable suspicious training program?

Alcohol and drug test in an organization can help identify if there are employees who are abusing the substance. Having this test will help employers in: –

  • As an employer, you will be able to give treatment to the workers or ensure they have gone for counselling if it is a serious case.
  • You will put in place the measures to improve safety in the work place.
  • You will know how to handle workers who have a drug and alcohol problem.
  • Reduces incidences of workers wanting to be compensated.

There is nothing as bad as working under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is also a very dangerous situation for both the supervisor and fellow coworkers. When the employers have undertaken the reasonable suspicion training, they will be able to identify the workers who are abusing the substance and they will know how to deal with them and thetreatment process.

Reasonable suspicious training for employers

It is very important for you as an employer to have this training not only for it to give you the required documentation for training, but know how to handle your employees who have a drug and alcohol problem. Before you settle for a particular institution, it is important for you to consider some factors, which include; –

Good study environment

It is important for you to have an ample place to study, it helps to understand better, but all this will depend with your preference as an organization. There are those companies that are offering the training online and also in person. You will choose the method that suit you and your employees better and also the funds you have set aside for the training.

Materials offered

Consider the materials that the training institutions are offering. They should meet the requirements that you had signed up for. They should also be as detailed as possible so as to help you acquire some knowledge about the drugs and alcohol, detection and testing. They should also have course handouts and documents to read though even after the training.


When you have finished the course or training program, training institutions give an exam so as to determine if you understood what you were taught. If you have passed the exam, you will be given a certificate of which you can perform the drug and alcohol testing in your organization. You will also get a license from the relevant authority to performthe testing and using the tools and equipment. If you have failed, the training institution will let you repeat the course.

Course contents for reasonable suspicion training for employers includes: –

  • Introduction to the topic, in this case reasonable and suspicion training.
  • The obligations of the employer and employee when it comes to drug and alcohol use.
  • The reasons why people are abusing alcohol and drugs, what contributes to it and how to deal with it.
  • Tips for updating, reviewing and implementing the alcohol and drug policy.
  • When to do drug testing and reasons.
  • How employers will document their reasonable suspicion and what to look for before testing.
  • Tips on how to deal with people who have tested positive.

When the course is completed by both employers and employees and they are given their certificates, they will now know what is expected of them. Below are some of the different tests that can be done to find out if the employee is using drugs and alcohol: –

Lab based oral fluid

This test is done to identify if there is presence of certain drugs and they include; cocaine, methadone, amphetamines, marijuana, methamphetamine, opiates and other drugs. When the test is completed, a sample of the oral fluid is sent to the lab where they use a certain experiment identify the drug level. A medical review officer will look at the final result before sending it back. This can take two to three business days.

Lab based urine

This drug test is done by taking a sample of the urine to the lab. A single sample can be tested to detected several drugs that may have been used. The results are not given on site because they have to be reviewed in a lab.

Breath alcohol

This test is only to detected the level of alcohol taken. A breathalyzer is what is used for this test. When someone blows in it, it will show the presence of ethanol. This test can be done on site and the results can be seen.

What next after the drug test?

If any of the employee tests positive to any of the drugs or alcohol, it is important for the employer to get more information. The employee maybe taking a drug that they have been prescribed by a doctor, so it is important for the employer to get all the details. They can ask the employee to bring proof from a doctor, that they were prescribed that drug or if they bought a drug over the counter. They may also have taken a herbal drink at home. After getting that information, you will know how to deal with that matter.

These training are very important in an organization. With all the problems that people have these days they end up going for drugs and alcohol. The employers may be aware there exists this problem, so that they can deal with it before it gets out of hard. When the supervisors are trained on reasonable suspicion, they will know how to handle the employees who have this problem. The training will also equip them with information on how to test and deal with workers who are found to have tested positive. The program can be done online or in the training institution. It will all depend on the preference of the organization on how they want to do the training. When they training is complete, the participants are given certificates to show they have done the course and they have also passed the exam.

Reasonable suspicion training can bring a lot of good in an organization. When employees are abusing a substance, they end up missing work and if they come to work, they will not be productive. This will hence affect the productivity of an organization. They may also injure other employees when they are under the influence, which will end up bring added problems to organization. That is why all employer should enroll for this program and also include their employees.

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