Reasons to bring wildlife into your schools

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In today’s society, kids are spending more time on electronic devices, even at school. While it has greatly increased the capacity to discover new information, it has also meant the students lose touch with the world around us. We are surrounded by many great creatures, and our natural environment is a wondrous thing. But unfortunately, schools don’t embrace it enough, and as a result, the younger generation is failing to appreciate wildlife, and the various habitats of the animals on earth. Focusing strongly on teaching children about nature and animals can bring about a big positive impact on their learning and appreciation of their environment. Here are some major benefits of bringing wildlife to schools.

Boosting creativity

When wildlife is introduced to students it helps them understand the dynamics of nature that are not fully appreciated when explained in the classrooms via textbooks. When students start to understand more about wildlife and their environment, they become enthusiastic, creative and as a result, they end up achieving more academically. Reptile Encounters specialise in school incursions for all ages that bring nature to the classroom and help educate children about the importance of protecting wildlife and embracing it.

Instills tolerance and adaptability

Many kids are brought up believing that a lot of wildlife is bad or doesn’t need to be considered. In fact, when people see rats, spiders and other creatures, their first instinct can be to kill them.  Lack of knowledge on the importance of wildlife conservation has led to extinction or endangering of some animal species. However, introducing students to wildlife in the classroom via incursions can help them understand their place in the environment as well as the important role they play in becoming a generation that is wildlife friendly.

Enhances learning environment

Involving practical lessons when educating students on wildlife helps kids unlock their learning capability. Practical learning is also fun and students are able to absorb lessons in natural way. For instance, kids can easily understand food chains and ecosystems through practical learning. Spending time touching and interacting with the animals will help your students understand more about their behaviour and use the application in real life, thus making learning more interesting.

Creates a lively environment

Everyone knows that students hate learning if all they do is take classes and exams hence the introduction of extra curriculum activities such as school incursions can give them a new fun thing to focus on. Many kids who have experienced an incursion go out and actively seek more information on the animals they have seen, stimulating learning and a fun environment.  

Teaches student the importance of wildlife

Wildlife includes both plants and animals and it is essential to teach the students the importance of each to the environment. Worms for instance are helpful to maintain soil structure and nature. Other important features of wildlife includes pollination – every plant and animal plays their part in the wider environment. 

If you are a teacher looking for ideas for your class, then bringing wildlife to your school is a great option. No matter if your students are grade 2 or grade 10, an incursion can be tailored to the education level of your kids. This ensures they will enjoy it and benefit from it for years to come. Let’s create responsible, knowledgeable adults of the future!

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