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Are you actually interested in a career, which is fast paced, ever changing and also ripe with potential for proper advancement? If so, then you might want to consider a career in this field of digital marketing, even if you don’t have that good level of experience. Digital marketing is one such rare field that comes handy with so many facets to it. It further changes way too fast that experience is not at all the necessary for landing a job. Well, indeed knowledge is important and inherent skills like eagerness to learn, creativity, analytical ability and also working as a team player are some of the plus points for entering this field. However, a newbie have an idea to get started without even any marketing degree.

So, if you are actually interested in creating a career in digital marketing, you have to keep reading to learn about the field more. Moreover, you have to learn more about the job outlook, types of jobs in this field and ways to get started learning digital marketing skills, even without heading to school.

Consistently evolving industry:

The rate in which technology is evolving is designed to be quite unbearable. Right from the new social platforms to the new mobile technologies, every day is going to bring up some new challenges and some great opportunities. Given at the rate in which companies and SEO Company are moving towards the field of digital solutions, the future for conventional and traditional varieties of marketing seem to be quite bleak. So, with every change that is well introduced, people always have to stay quite up to date.

  • Employers are actually not looking for job candidates with promising marketing degrees or just years of experience in part as they are in need of people with skills, which might not be taught in any college campus. If any employer is looking for FB marketing, he is going to seek for candidate that does have it.
  • Along with that, digital marketing is defined to be quite wide ranging that the skills will differ from one employer to another. The industry has to adapt to new strategies and some of the best practices from time to time, which will make this job constant revelation. Marketers have to be on toes and informed about latest happenings around world.

So many parts involved:

It is not hard to state that digital marketing has multiple parts to it. As those parts are changing constantly with development of technology, consumer tastes seem to evolve too. It is really not that easy to list out every possible aspect of this field. However, some of the major components are included in the list below for help.

  • Marketing automation and email marketing
  • SEO and SEM including the PPC advertising
  • Social media based marketing such s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Design, copywriting, apps and mobile marketing with SMS
  • Web analytics, content marketing, digital advertising and growth hacking

It proves that digital marketing covers diverse and wide ranges of knowledge areas, with some crossovers between them. Even though one employer needs highly knowledgeable person in social media marketing, some others might want an expert in email marketing. All these skills are more or less new in this field and for that, you need experience and not a schooling degree.

Digital marketing is your future:

Digital marketing cannot be stated as a trend. How you can grow and improve the growth of digital marketing is quite affordable than any of the traditional techniques. Let’s take an example for better understanding. An email campaign might be used for broadcasting message to wider user base than conventional means, but for fraction of cost of print ad or TV. On the other hand, results can further be monitored and also tracked.

Instead of any expensive customer research or survey, marketers can track some customer response rates and even measure success of campaign in real time. This can also enable next campaign to be planned in an effective manner. So, the bottom line over here is digital marketing is here and ready to stay. Businesses cannot just adapt to new marketing climate and run risk of facing extinction soon than later. They are also choosing to adapt by hiring some digital marketers.

The demand is quite high:

Small and large industries are moving away from conventional marketing methods and leading towards digital techniques. As result, companies are mainly hiring more digital marketers and demand for people for filling these jobs. So, if you are actually interested in this field of digital marketing and not sure of the types of jobs available, you can be sure that there are many available in the market. According to some latest reports, 4 out of 10 jobs listed in marketing are now asking for digital marketing skills.

  • Job posting calling for digital marketing skills can double between 2011 and 2016
  • The demand for the content marketers rose by 450% during that time, while the demand for the digital analytics skills increased by 152%.
  • Some studies predict that digital marketing will be accounting for around 35% of marketing spending by 2019.
  • The jobs associated with digital marketing skills will pay around $7000 more than marketing roles involved.
  • Mobile marketing will offer highest salary of around $89,000, with the next one in multi-channel marketing at around $83,000.
  • As indication that such skills are needed but not found readily in job candidates, digital marketing jobs will take around 16% longer to fill.

All such demands for the skilled digital marketing professionals are set to grow in near future as the market turns out to be way more digitalized than before. It helps companies to keep pace with the growing world well.

To learn more about this field you have to be a part of it. There are so many online stores offering such results, but things may not always go as planned. Therefore, asking for expert to guide in this regard will be of promising help around here.

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