Reasons Why Essay Writing Is Important

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We all have written essays in our school life. The writing styles of our essays evolved with growing age. The primary purpose of writing an essay is focused on informing or persuading. Essays are further divided into four categories that are expository, descriptive, narrative, and argumentative. We started with narrative, and descriptive, then argumentative and expository joined the league at an early age. Essays are also sub-classified into formal and informal. We occasionally confuse essays with articles, pamphlets, short stories, and articles.

Importance of Essay Writing

Giving essays to write is a teacher’s favorite job. Mostly entry tests judge the writing skills of the candidates through their essays and marks accordingly. Writing essays also improves our writing skills as our intelligence could be distinguished from our paper’s first sentence. It not only improves your writing but also increases your research skills as well as your knowledge in different niches. A good essay needs good research, and with this era of technology, all the information is right in our hands-on our smart-phones using the internet. While exploring and researching, we explore a lot of resources and gather a vast amount of data.

The people around us do not always support our ideas and solutions. We might have a good idea in our hands, but we might not have the persuasive skill. That’s where our lessons on persuasive essays will come into use. For persuasive essays, students are asked to convince the audience with facts and statements from where they learned to research and gather information. Essay writing is not only about what’s between a pen and paper, and it is way more than that. It also improves our communication skills as academic writing requires communication between students and instructors. The students are asked to share their thoughts, discuss their plots, and seek advice from their teachers before constructing their papers.

Tips for Writing a Good Essay

Our primary focus should be on the essay’s prompt because a well-written essay could be rejected if it doesn’t answer the prompt provided. Break the prompt into two parts of what the prompt is directly and indirectly asking. The next step should be the thesis statement, as it will give the readers an idea of what the whole paper is based on. A thesis statement should be concise and cover all the main points that will be addressed in the paper. Before writing on the answer sheet, construct an outline covering your thesis statement, the paper’s plot, and what information should be included. Writing an overview will reduce the chances of missing out on essential details on the primary draft. Always start writing with the body and not the introduction, as this will allow us to form our thoughts and integrate all the main ideas into our opening.

 The beginning of each paragraph should have a topic sentence that’ll inform the reader about the paragraph’s main idea. Our paragraphs should also include quotes to support our thesis statement and defend our topic. While using quotes and contextual information, our primary focus should be their credibility, so to be sure, we should always use information from scholarly sources. The last steps should come to our conclusion and proofreading that we usually pay no attention to, but they hold our essays together. Start your conclusion with your thesis statement and combine all the body paragraphs’ main points to form a firm conclusion. Lastly, we should proofread our essay at least twice to avoid minor and major errors.


Students usually aren’t fond of writing essays, totally unaware of the benefits it will give them in the future. Students find hacks and tricks to get good grades like they ask an elderly person to write it or buy essay papers that are not the step towards good grades but create problems for themselves. Read and write should be every student’s target and goal as this will be their key to success and a better lifestyle.

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