Reasons Why You Should Put Cruelty-Free & Vegan Hair Products On Your Radar

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The purchasing preferences of people highly affect the environment and society. This is the reason why people start to consider cruelty-free and vegan hair products. Their goal is to raise the awareness of consumers about how commercial products affect society, animals, and habitat. These cruelty-free products promote progress to compete in the cosmetic industry. For highly effective and economic hair products, switch to vegan!

What is the Market Trend of Vegan Hair Products?

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Discussing the market trend of vegan cosmetics, the expected forecast from the year 2018 to 2023 should register a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.1%. It increases as the community starts to be aware of the environment. As the awareness of the cruelty-free products progress, the number of people supporting the advocacy will rise alongside. The majority supporting advocacy involves the younger generation. This is an effective way to promote what it is and how it works.

Hair care, as one of the basic necessities on a daily basis, is a large aspect to cover. Imagine how these hair products are being manufactured, composed and tested. The introduction of vegan hair products is the start of the decrease in the production of chemical-based containers and animal-based content. Free from meat or animal content, these plant-based products are natural and safe for human utilization.

What Does it Mean to be Cruelty-free and Vegan?

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These types of products are manufactured free from harmful chemicals and are sustainably designed for human utilization. Regular cosmetics contain cheese, milk or butter which are animal products. In addition to this, the term “cruelty-free”, explains the absence of animal testing and animal content. The animals and the environment are not the only ones benefiting from these products but the people as well. Natural ingredients are used for vegan products lowering the chances of acquiring skin or health problems.


As of today, vegan products have no labeling requirements. Some supermarkets provide an aisle for vegan products for the convenience of consumers. Non-food products are also considered vegan if they don’t contain animal composition and if they’re not tested on animals. If there are no labels proving that it is 100% vegan, check the ingredients list. Seeing these products on the ingredients list mean it is not vegan that is why it would be best to scan the labels first.

How do you Benefit from these Hair Products?

The awareness of people how products are being produced raises the demand for vegan hair products. The perks of using vegan hair products are more than just styling your hair with the absence of harmful chemicals, but how this is ecologically sustainable. Sometimes, bad hair day is not caused by how you style your hair but what you style it with.

The benefits of using vegan hair products are as follows:

Few Ingredients

The composition of commercial hair products contain ingredients involving chemicals which harm the health of your hair. It contains several ingredients that can damage your hair, in the long run, causing infection and hair problems.

Meanwhile, vegan hair products contain ingredients which are mostly plant-based. Even manufacturers of hair extensions these days are going chemical-free. These hair products have few ingredients lacking in artificial preservatives which help prevent damage to your hair.

Environmentally Sustainable

The composition of vegan hair products is ensured with natural content and recycled packaging. This eliminates the involvement of chemicals that can jeopardize the environment. Vegan hair products are composed of ingredients harvested following organic farming methods. The treatment your hair needs prevents contamination of the soil and water due to wastewater. You do not only prevent contamination of the soil and water, but your hair gets naturally treated with the needed essentials.


The absence of harmful chemicals and the non-involvement of animal exploitation formulates a content completely free from ingredients causing damaged hair. The composition of hair products is natural and effective for human use. Supporting vegan hair products is a big help for the environment through planting and harvesting potent plant extracts. Without hormone-disrupting chemicals, vegan hair products will restore healthy hair growth.

Repairs and Protects your Hair

In the absence of chemicals, using vegan hair products has the ability to restore and strengthen your hair. The natural content is what makes it able to treat cell damage as caused by commercial hair treatments. In addition to this, it is a big help in maintaining the moisture of your hair to keep it strong and healthy. Vegan hair products is a good way to start veganism considering that hair care is one of our investments on a daily basis.

Promotes Hair Health

Vegan hair products are composed of natural ingredients like vitamins, proteins, and essential oils absorbed by your scalp for overall nourishment. Its gentleness on the skin and scalp avoids irritation and infection affecting your hair growth cycle. Without the use of harmful chemicals, it does not just nourish your hair with the needed nutrients but it lets your hair grow strong, healthy and beautiful.

Absence of Parabens

Since the ingredients vegan hair products contain are completely plant-based, you can ensure the absence of Parabens. Paraben is a chemical causing damage to your hair follicles which act as a preservative commonly used for commercial hair products. Vegan hair products are formulated with ingredients harvested without the use of pesticides that can damage your hair and your skin. Start a healthier living with hair products which are 100% vegan!

How to be Mindful about Purchasing Vegan Hair Products

Purchasing vegan hair products is not as easy as it looks knowing that the market is still flourishing. It would be best to conduct your own research about vegan manufacturers to ensure legitimacy. How can you be so sure about the vegan hair products that you’re buying? Here are tips on what to bear in mind when buying vegan hair products.

Conduct Research

Prior to going to the supermarket or shopping online, conduct research on the best vegan hair products in the market. Check the manufacturers and the ingredients of the content before buying. This is to save you the time and energy from checking the labels.

Vegan Labeling

Check the label on the product and ensure that there are no ingredients involving chemicals or non-vegan allergen ingredients. If these two are present, the product is not considered vegan. Always scan the list of ingredients on the back to be mindful of milk, whey, egg, and casein which are usually found on commercial hair products.

Vegan Mark

There are labels produced by the vegan community which certifies a product to be 100% natural and plant-based. Certified products with logos are ensured to be cruelty-free. Buying online and in-store, you will be able to sight these logos on certified vegan hair products. Some websites have a separate page for you to scan their products which are completely vegan. For more efficient shopping, there are brands which are certified to be vegan that you can purchase in stores and online.

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Put Vegan Hair Products on your Radar

Vegan hair care is a good start for veganism. On a daily basis, using hair products prove that it belongs to one of our essentials. Promoting hair care, vegan hair products is the best way to maintain the health of your hair keeping it strong and nourished. These products are the start of advocating for change to protect the people, animals, and the environment.

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