Recognition of Prior Learning: What It Means and Why It’s Good

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If you’ve been in your trade or career for some time now and you’re looking for growth and progress without spending another two years studying for a degree and spending heaps of money on university education, then taking recognition of prior learning or RPL is the best course for you.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is an assessment that aims to recognize your skills, experience, formal and non-formal education against a set of standards that aims to bring your trade or career to the next level. Once certified with RPL, you’ll find more job opportunities, negotiate a raise and even snag the dream promotion at work.

How Does the Recognition of Prior Learning Work?

An employee or trades person looking to get assessed for RPL can approach are putable education facilitator like Qualify Me in Australia. Qualify Me, for example, would assess your existing skills to help you determine the best qualification for you.

Next, you have to present your evidence portfolio. This is a collection of data that pertains to your past and current skills and experiences, including your resume, transcripts, certificates, samples of work, including photos and videos, references from past customers and clients and overseas qualifications.

After submitting the evidence portfolio, the assessors will go through each document. You will be then likely to receive a call for an interview as well asset a schedule for a demonstration. When you’ve successfully passed the assessment, you can now use the qualification to apply for better-paying jobs or use it to negotiate for a raise or promotion.

The Benefits of Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning is an excellent opportunity to level up your qualification without needing to study another course or degree. The qualification is based on knowledge on your field and industry. So if you’ve been in your trade for some time now and believe that you have acquired considerable knowledge and experience to match industry standards, taking the RPL assessment proves to be beneficial.

It’s an excellent alternative to studying full time

Instead of having to devote years to study in the classroom setting to obtain the qualifications you need in your trade or career, RPL presents a straightforward and cost-effective route. As the Australian Qualifications Framework recognizes it, you can drastically cut the time and costs associated with getting the right qualifications.

RPL gives you the opportunity to go further in your trade or career

Increasing your qualifications makes you more valuable in your job. Your boss is more likely to raise your salary or bring you up on the corporate ladder. Asa trades person, getting the right qualifications helps you build a more solid reputation, allowing for more growth opportunities in both professional and financial aspects.

RPL gives you the opportunity to fill in knowledge gaps as well as eliminate knowledge duplication

You’ve probably gained significant knowledge and skills on the job that you no longer have to attend classes and training where that same knowledge or skills are taught. The assessment is also a good opportunity to identify gaps in knowledge in your trade so that you can take up classes or training to make you better qualified. The assessment opens new learning and realizations so you can become even better at performing your job.

Qualifications bring up your self-worth and validate your role in the workplace

Passing the RPL assessment not only brings more opportunities for career advancement, but it also provides substantial evidence that your skills and knowledge are at par with the industry standards. You’re a competent worker,and you play a valuable role in your business or company. Alongside this point,you also gain a significant boost in confidence and self-worth, personally and professionally.


Getting more qualifications in your trade or profession is a valuable tool in advancing your career. RPL assessments are applied to various industries, whether you’re working in the automotive, electrical, plumbing, and building among others; or your line of work is in business and finance, community services, retail, fitness and retail, and so much more.

Being more qualified opens up more opportunities for career advancement, paving the path to achieving the desired position and salary range. With RPL, you can considerably expand your network in the industry and experience better career options than ever before.

Compared to the traditional path of studying and training to obtain the required qualifications, RPL eliminates the need for classroom study and additional training particularly when you’re already knowledgeable and skilled through on-the-job experiences. It’s an excellent, affordable and straight forward way to work your way up and be better positioned in life, and your career.

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