Redirection is the Main Tool of the Elite Using Terrorism to Achieve Its Ends

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Like my writing partner, David Risselada, I want to say that my hearts and prayers go out to the people of France. It is heart-wrenching to see what has occurred, first with Charlie Hebdo and now with the six Parisian terrorist attacks all in one night. There really is no excuse for this at all.

Yet, it has happened in France twice in recent months and we can be assured that more attacks will occur. It is likely that attacks will also occur in other countries who are involved in the situation in Syria. That is the key to this whole thing, but something the media certainly will not focus on. In fact, politicians and other leaders will not make that connection either and for good reason.

If people begin to look closely at what is happening in Syria, things will be unmasked. More than a few people have written about it and provided information to us that is remarkable for its disclosure. However, since it’s not being pushed by the media – and the media is largely reactionary in the way it handles tragedies like this – then most will never hear of it. Remember, today’s media is not journalistic in nature. That is, they do not necessarily uncover truth. They simply try to create “truth” or what they want us to see.

Here’s what most people think: terrorists have attacked, killed, and maimed innocent people in Paris…again. There seems to be no stopping ISIS (maybe “Daesh” is a better word for them), and terrorists like them who war against humanity for their own specific purposes. The fault is laid squarely at the feet of leaders and politicians who encourage and warmly embrace the “refugees” who are allegedly “fleeing” war-torn Syria for safer harbors. The argument is posited, how can we ignore the needs of human beings?

While the average person sees lunacy in this resolve to accept thousands of unvetted individuals, leaders seem unable – or make that unwilling – to see the danger. These are seemingly people in need, therefore, we must make room for them.

Time and time again, we see the disastrous results of bringing “refugees” from Syria and neighboring areas into civilized areas of the world. At best, it creates a financial hardship on the countries opening their borders to them and at worst, it creates a tumultuous situation between the newcomers and those who have lived in a country for generations, especially when these newcomers make demands and are unwilling to assimilate into a new culture.

So why does it continue? Why do leaders like France’s President Hollande continue to say that he wants to accept 25,000 more “refugees” when his own countrymen do not support him in his efforts?

Another question is this: how is it possible that intelligence agencies failed to see this most recent attack in Paris coming? Neither the US’ CIA, NSA, FBI, or any other branch of surveillance saw it coming? Neither did France’s or Israel’s Mossad. Come on, we are expected to believe that no one saw this coming? We are expected to believe that ISIS is so superior with their own surveillance and covert operations that they managed to remain well under the radar?

Who believes that? Raise your hand please. I’ll wait. Didn’t think so.

Maybe there’s something else going on here that is just below the surface, something the elite does not want us to focus on. If so, what could that possibly be?

My writing partner wrote a great article on how the left keeps pushing their agenda and part of that is being fought or pushed on the college campuses across America. There, we see young blacks who have either been given full scholarships to Ivy League schools or other colleges of higher learning and yet they have the nerve to complain about “racism.” These “black lives matter” groups want black only “safe areas,” where whites are not allowed to go. Apparently, they are so “wounded” that they need to be away from whites in order to heal. This is in spite of the fact that many of them are getting a completely free or very reduced ride through college, and sometimes, at the expense of the (white) tax payer.

Truth be told, this is nothing but a distraction. On one hand, it generates more of a chasm between the races (a goal of Marxism), while also keeping us from focusing on what’s really going on with these terrorist attacks.

Several articles have been written on the subject of what might be happening beneath the surface and interestingly enough, they actually direct us back to the George W. Bush presidency. Forgive me if what I’m going to say here offends anyone who thinks George W. was a fantastic president. Once people realize that they all work for the elite – regardless of party affiliation – then eyes will open to the truth. Until then, people will continue to hold to their biases like a teddy bear.

Is it possible that France knew of these terrorists? Is it possible they tracked them, kept tabs on their whereabouts and actions? Is it possible that they “closed” the investigation into these terrorists during the time those same terrorists planned and executed the recent tragedies in Paris just a few days ago?

I know. I know, that’s a lot to expect people to believe and that one fact allows the elite to continue to do what they do. Disbelief is one of their greatest tools. I believe it was C. S. Lewis who once said that Satan’s greatest ability is to make people think he doesn’t exist (or words to that effect) and it’s true. As long as people think Satan is a figment of an overworked, superstitious religious imagination, that’s all he’ll ever be to most people.

It’s the same with the elite. As long as we continue to believe that they would “never” do things that would put innocent lives at risk, then the elite will continue to remain invisible and non-existent.

But what IF France’s intelligence knew of the coming Parisian attacks and in spite of that knowledge, did nothing except let them happen? Let’s argue that this is what happened. The next question we have to answer is why would they do this? Apart from allowing several hundred people to be killed or maimed, what did they actually accomplish? In fact, couldn’t an argument be made to prove that allowing so many refugees into a country creates this type of problem? Doesn’t that then work against France’s leaders?

If there was no intention behind allowing these terrorist activities to occur and they happened because someone dropped the ball, then yes, that would be a strong argument against allowing so many refugees into a country without being properly vetted. But what if there was something much larger going on behind the scenes that would make leaders like France’s François Hollande, believe the sacrifice of a “few” hundred people in Paris was worth it because of that larger agenda?

I know, I know, I’m moving out into really deep waters here, aren’t I?

According to CONFIRMED: French Government Knew Extremists BEFORE Attack, this is exactly the scenario that took place. What I find fascinating about it is that it links all the way back to 2007 and the way George W. was handling world affairs in the Middle East then with Iran and Iraq.

At that point, the Bush administration was dealing with Iran in a way that made it appear as though they were the enemy. Since then, there has been a “teaming” occurring with China, Iraq, and Russia joining forces to support Syria, while pretty much everyone else has joined forces in opposition to Syria. Because of that, the approach needs to change.

We’ve known for some time that the Obama administration has wanted Assad out and for a guy who complained vociferously about the U.S. acting like everyone’s big brother and our alleged “colonialization” throughout the world, it wasn’t long after he stepped into office that he seemed pretty comfortable also telling the world what to do.

This is a sure sign that one president after another – regardless of party affiliation – bends to the will of the elite. Those who don’t, do not last.

Could all this terrorism throughout the world that appears to us as “unchecked” actually be “controlled chaos” designed to make the average person think that so much of what is happening is purely happenstance? While some might argue that France’s president was at the soccer match when the explosions occurred, the reality is that no one was actually hurt in that incident. The killing and maiming took place apart from that venue. One could argue that it’s quite possible that Hollande was never in any real danger. In fact, the players had no knowledge of the attacks until after the game had ended. It was a lot of noise with no injuries – thankfully.

The other thing that must be seriously considered is that it wasn’t long after the recent Parisian tragedy occurred when a number of high-profile people in the U.S. were calling for power to be given back to the NSA so that they could do what they needed to do. One individual had been a high-ranking official in the FBI and the other person was Congressman Peter King.

Does anyone actually believe that the NSA stopped gathering data indiscriminately via cell phones and/or Internet? Does anyone really believe that? Slap yourself if you do.

Does anyone actually and truthfully believe that Mossad, the CIA, and all the rest of the world’s government surveillance networks had absolutely no clue that this Parisian tragedy was in the works? I cannot believe that. I’m not that naive. I believe they knew of it and allowed it to happen because of a higher agenda controlled by the elite, or what has rightfully been called the “shadow government” of the world.

The goal is to remove and replace President Assad of Syria. They need him out so that the portion of the world that is most important to the elite (the Middle East because of the Temple Mount), can be controlled by the elite. They need someone in Syria who will play ball with the elite and so far, Assad has been completely unwilling to do that.

Moreover, China, Russia, and Iraq are not willing to play ball either, so things are at a bit of a stalemate. While this is the case, we will likely see more terrorist events because it will cause civilians to begin screaming to their governments en masse that they 1) need more surveillance to keep track of these terrorist cells, 2) and are willing to give up freedoms in exchange for perceived “safety.”

Meanwhile, these same citizens will continue to miss the point entirely. The real question has to do with WHY the elite believe they need to control areas of the Middle East and specifically, why they need to have as much opposition power in place to stand against Israel. We’ll address that question in our next post!

Source: Redirection is the Main Tool of the Elite Using Terrorism to Achieve Its Ends – For Truth’s Sake!

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