Registration of multiple trademarks under single business in UAE

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Trademark registration is UAE is getting so much encouraged because of the people getting more focused over setting up their businesses and companies every other day. In the whole world, every day a great number of trademarks get registered. This has brought a whole new uniqueness to the people as now they and choose the brands based on their name and quality of course.

Different companies in UAE deal with different types of goods and services. This is what makes them different FROM the other. Not every company would indulge in just one type of service which means that one company might want to go to offer several services to the people of the world.  In such a case, businesses would like to get more than one trademarks under a single business.

The world is becoming very competitive. If you want to survive, you must strive for betterment no matter what. Even in the slightest of the things, we get a lot of options to choose from. Due to this reason, all the companies are trying their best to grab the attention of their customers as much as possible. They adopt different techniques in order to appeal to their customers in the best manner.

Because of so many options in the market, identifying one product has become the need of the time. This is where trademark registration Dubai plays its part. By registering the trademark, the consumes get to identify the products in an easy way which helps the company in reaching its clients conveniently.

Trade Mark Law in the UAE

In order to protect your intellectual property rights, you can get your trademarks registered. Your trademarks are registered under federal law no, 37 of 1992 in UAE.

Trademark Registration in UAE

UAE is a huge place to show off your creativity and skills. Your business setups in UAE can make you rise and shine in no time. All you need is to be smart enough to deal with all the legal procedures mindfully.

While you are going to register your trademark in UAE, make sure you consider Trademark Registration Office Authority

Documents Required for Trade Mark Registration in UAE

You need to submit different documents to register your trademark which is as follows;

  • Application for trademark registration which must possess the applicant’s name and address
  • Duly signed Power of Attorney by the Notary Public. It should also be legalized through the UAE consulate
  • Goods and services that would be covered under the trademark
  • The sample copy of the trademark
  • Slip confirming the fee payment
  • Authorized person’s information
  • Mark’s procedure and method
  • MOA’s and AOA’s legalized copy
  • Approval from the minister
  • Company’s registrar proof of entry
  • Trademark’s meaning

For carrying out the trademark registration UAE process smoothly, make sure to submit all the above-mentioned documents properly. In this way, you will be able to avail all the perks and benefits associated with registering your trademark. So, do not waste any more time and secure your business as much as you can.

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    My name is SHREYA M. I am working as an accountant in UBL Auditing company in Dubai. The blog is really useful. It helps us to know more about Trademark and its registration policies.

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