Reject far-left ethnic studies curriculum

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The California Department of Education is asking for public feedback on a proposed ethnic studies curriculum.

Here’s some feedback: Start over.

The effort to create a model curriculum for ethnic studies is required by a law signed by then-Gov. Jerry Brown in 2016. It ordered the State Board of Education to develop an ethnic studies curriculum that local school districts could adopt or adapt to suit their own needs.

Districts are not obligated to use the model curriculum, or to require classes in ethnic studies. The state curriculum is only a guide.

How much guidance it offers is questionable. Here’s a sample: “The foundational values of Ethnic Studies are housed in the conceptual model of the ‘double helix’ which interweaves holistic humanization and critical consciousness.”

According to the draft curriculum, the “guiding values and principles” of each lesson in ethnic studies will “cultivate empathy,” share stories of “struggle and resistance” and “critique empire and its relationship to white supremacy, racism, patriarchy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, ableism, anthropocentrism, and other forms of power and oppression at the intersections of our society.”

It’s beyond troubling that “capitalism” is included on the roll call of oppression. Capitalism is the economic system of a free country. It represents voluntary trade to mutual benefit, without government coercion. It has been the means of humanity’s greatest advances in human lifespan, technological achievement and standard of living.

Teaching high school students that capitalism is oppression, without examining the outcomes of some of history’s other paths, is not education. It is leftist propaganda.

The entire curriculum is seething with propaganda. A section on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which targets Israel, was slammed by the California Legislative Jewish Caucus for its one-sided presentation of “an extraordinarily complex international political dispute.”

The ethnic studies curriculum appears to be one-sided by design, perhaps out of a belief that every other part of a student’s education is presented from the “imperialist/colonial hegemonic” point of view.

But a curriculum that aims to “cultivate empathy” should not teach one group’s viewpoint without educating students about other views of the same events. Students should be taught to understand conflicts, not take sides in them.

Instead of teaching ethnic studies to educate students about the achievements of diverse people and cultures, the curriculum is teaching ethnic studies as a proxy for anti-Western indoctrination.

The public schools could be educating students about their common heritage as Americans and the power of freedom to improve the lives of people everywhere, but the ethnic studies curriculum appears to be intended to teach children to feel lifelong hate and resentment over events that transpired centuries before they were born.

That’s a disservice to students, a distorted view of history and an inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars.

The California Department of Education is accepting public comments on the model curriculum until Aug. 15. The draft can be found on the department’s website at The State Board of Education will vote on an amended draft, written by an advisory committee, early next year.

We urge the board to seek a more balanced model curriculum that encourages students to consider multiple viewpoints and all the facts, and to think for themselves.

Source: Reject far-left ethnic studies curriculum – Daily Breeze

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