Last Remnants of Confederacy Coming Down at Texas High School

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“The Confederate flag and ‘Dixie’ present a complex subject…

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The superintendent of the Garland, Texas school district recently released a statement to the community informing them of the final changes coming to one of the areas high school’s that will once and for all remove any images or references to the Confederacy.

The South Garland High School campus opened in 1964 and its mascot and fight song have long been tied to the imagery of the Civil War. The Confederate flag had been a part of the school’s crest and the tune of “Dixie” the fight song. But in the wake of the Charleston church shooting, the home of the Southern Colonels will finally put them all to rest.

According to a statement by Garland Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Bob Morrison, the decision to finally remove these vestiges is being done in the same spirit that moved on the campus 20 years ago when a mural depicting slaves working on a plantation was removed from a cafeteria wall. During that time, the school redesigned the school’s mascot so he no longer wore Confederate gray and replaced the small Confederate flag inside the school’s crest with the initials SC for Southern Colonels. But as is explained, there are a few remaining remnants to toss.

Morrison states that old floor tiles, a gift from the Class of 1968, remain in a hallway that still depicts the old crest with Confederate flag. They will remove those and replace with tiles that reflect the newer design. Also, the granite marker in front of the school will be replaced. Currently, the square in the crest containing the Confederate flag has been painted over in red. “Dixie” will no longer be the school’s fight song; they will now use Texas Tech University’s fight song. With this change comes another problem — lyrics. With the new tune, the school’s lyrics will also need to change to match the new melody. Students are being challenged to come up with new ones.

“The Confederate flag and ‘Dixie’ present a complex subject and have for several years,” Morrison wrote. “No doubt, our district will face different challenges in the future. When these hurdles appear, Garland ISD will continue channeling its cooperative spirit and find the best ways to unite rather than divide.”

Despite these sweeping changes, there are a few that didn’t make the chopping block. As Morrison points out, the school mascot will remain a Southern Colonel and the drill teams can keep their titles — Southern Belles and Dixie Darlings.

Source: Last Remnants of Confederacy Coming Down at Texas High School | Truth Revolt

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