Reopening schools on 1 June will be logistical nightmare, say teachers

May 22, 2020 by

Teachers express concern about pupils returning while coronavirus still a threat in accounts sent to the Guardian

Teachers have warned that the UK government’s push to reopen primary schools in England on 1 June will be a logistical nightmare.

Under the plans, schools have been told to prepare to resume reception, year 1 and year 6 classes, as well as any early years education they provide. But a growing number of councils have said they will not comply, and Welsh and Scottish schools will not reopen until later.

In accounts submitted by hundreds of teachers to the Guardian community team, there remains widespread concern about the feasibility of physical distancing in schools and the health risks that poses to pupils and staff, as well as how best to balance children’s educational needs with their welfare and wellbeing.

Some teachers say they are reassured by the preparations made by their schools but complained that ministers have failed to provide detailed guidance. They want to review the evidence published on Friday by the Independent Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, which warned that June 1 was too early to reopen safely.

Sandra, 50, a supply teacher in Doncaster, says she welcomed her primary school’s plans to initially only allow one year back in early June, with others not returning unless it is deemed safe.

She is concerned that headteachers have been left to devise their own plans without much input from government. “Some people are really anti teachers because of this and think the NHS has gone back and faced this and teachers don’t want to,” she says. “What doesn’t get taken into consideration is things like children can’t share equipment, crayons, can’t access books. It is a mammoth organisational task. If we were in normal class sizes that’d be horrifying.”

Carole Powell, a teacher and manager at the Stoke Poges School in Buckinghamshire, says reception, year 1 and year 6 will each be split into six groups of 10 pupils who will have staggered starting, lunch and break times, come in at different entrances and wash their hands in the toilets before entering their classroom. They will also be confined to separate coned or taped off areas in the playground.

Source: Reopening schools on 1 June will be logistical nightmare, say teachers | World news | The Guardian

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