Repealing Common Core standards would take time

Sep 22, 2014 by

The academic standards known as Common Core have become a hot-button issue in the election this fall, with two statewide candidates touting their opposition. But repealing that program won’t happen overnight.

Doug Ducey, the Republican nominee for governor, and Diane Douglas, the party’s nominee for superintendent of public instruction, are opposed to Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, the English and math guidelines the state adopted in 2010.

Douglas has run virtually a one-issue campaign based on her promise to repeal the program.

Supporters, who include many educators and the business community, say the goals outlined under the national Common Core initiative will help American students develop critical-thinking skills and prepare them not only for college, but also for competing in a global economy.

Opponents, including many conservatives, say the standards are a federal overreach that denies local control to states and schools.

During a debate earlier this month, Ducey said: “Common Core has been tied to Washington, D.C., for funding and for that reason I believe it’s co-opted something that began as a good idea and now I think is unworkable. …”

Ducey spokeswoman Melissa DeLaney said in an e-mail message Friday that Ducey wants to review the standards with input from parents, educators, business people, teachers and principals.

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