Report: Common Math Standards ‘Lower the Bar’

Oct 3, 2013 by

A new paper argues that the common standards in math do not demand a level of skill that is sufficient for selective colleges, or for students planning careers in math or science.

In a white paper released today, the Boston-based Pioneer Institute, one of the most vocal critics of the common core, seeks to back up its argument with comments made by one of the math standards’ lead writers, Jason Zimba.

Co-authors R. James Milgram and Sandra Stotsky draw on the official minutes and a recording of a March 2010 meeting of the Massachusetts Board of Education, at which Zimba appeared. (Stotsky was then a member of that state board.) The minutes report that Zimba told the panel that the standards’ “concept of college readiness is minimal and focuses on non-selective colleges.”

In his comments, according to a recording obtained by Milgram and Stotsky, he said that a “minimally college-ready student is a student who passed Algebra 2,” and added that “it’s a fair critique that it’s a minimal definition of college readiness.”

Report: Common Math Standards ‘Lower the Bar’ – Curriculum Matters – Education Week.

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