Report: Nashville schools spent $1.8 million in no-bid contracts for software that went unused

Mar 7, 2019 by

Nashville taxpayers shelled out millions just a few years ago for special new software designed to track the academic progress of every student in the city based on the recommendation of schools director Shawn Joseph.

Now they’re learning Joseph misled the public as he worked to secure the no-bid contracts and his personal connection to the education contractor, Performance Matters.

Metro Nashville Public Schools acknowledged it broke state law by awarding a $1 million no-bid contract to Performance Matters for a student assessment platform at the behest of Joseph, who alleged the company was already working “effectively” in the state at Shelby County Schools, WTVF reports.

But a television investigation revealed Joseph was in contact with Performance Matters well before the Shelby County Schools contract went into effect and weeks before he started as head of Nashville schools in 2016.

The first contract came the following year, followed by another $845,000 no bid contract with Performance Matters that also violated state law, according to the news site, which has also exposed Joseph’s cozy relationship with the company.

Joseph previously used the software at schools in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in Maryland, appeared in a promotional video for Performance Matters, and accepted an all-expenses paid trip to present at the company’s 2014 conference.

Now, WTVF is exposing perhaps the most egregious part of the ordeal: Teachers in Nashville schools claim they’ve never heard of Performance Matters and have never used it in their classrooms.

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