Report: ‘Re-education camps have begun… hidden under guise of cute rhymes, songs, fluffy unicorns’

Oct 6, 2021 by

Vivek Saxena

A video of extremely young, masked children being “indoctrinated” with a pro-mask song by a teacher who sounds an awfully lot like actress and comedian Fran Drescher has parents on social media in an uproar.

While it’s not clear where and when exactly the video was recorded, or why the lady sounds so eerie similarly to Drescher, it’s for certain that it was filmed sometime after the pandemic began and schools reopened.

The video begins and ends with the teacher leading the children in a pro-mask song.

“I wear a mask to school. Hi-ho the derry-o, I wear a mask to school. It helps to keep me safe. It helps to keep me safe. Hi-ho the derry-o, it helps to keep me safe. It keeps my friends safe. It keeps my friends safe. Hi-ho the derry-o, it keeps my friends safe,” she sings.

To their credit, the children appear totally uninterested in singing along. Not til the end of the clip — when the teacher erupts with “now let me see a hooray — put your hands up in the air” — do the children show any signs of life.

Note what Evelyn Rae, the woman who shared the video, wrote about it.

“The re-education camps have begun… hidden under the guise of cute rhymes, songs and fluffy unicorns. Wake up,” she tweeted.

Rae is a self-identified “Australian Christian conservative political commentator” for the conservative news website Caldron Pool.

This suggests that perhaps the clip is from a school in Australia — which admittedly sounds about right given the Oceanic country’s history of totalitarian-esque behavior throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

But on the other hand, the teacher doesn’t seem to possess an Australian accent. Moreover, even most Australian territories don’t appear to force children this young to wear masks.

The policy in New South Wales (NSW) states that “masks or face coverings are required for all staff and all students in Year 7 and above.”

The policy in the Australian Capital Territory is the same (ACT): “Only children in years 7 to 12 are required to wear a face mask while at school.”

In the United States meanwhile, the CDC “recommends universal indoor masking” for schoolchildren as young as two.

This is reportedly the “strictest policy” on the globe and also a violation of the World Health Organization’s recommendation that children five and under never be forced to mask up.

“This is based on the safety and overall interest of the child and the capacity to appropriately use a mask with minimal assistance,” the WHO’s policy states.

Wherever the video’s from, it’s provoked an outcry of outrage, with critics saying the teacher’s “indoctrination” amounts to “child abuse,” critics predicting that the kids will grow up to hate authority figures, and critics pointing out the lack of rationality.


Some U.S. parents wish their elected leaders would follow the lead of Europe, where most countries have acknowledged that forcing masks on children is unwise.

“The U.K. has always, from the beginning, emphasized they do not see a place for face coverings for children if it’s avoidable,” Dr. Shamez Ladhani, a pediatric infectious-disease specialist at St. George’s Hospital in London, said to The New York Times in August.

According to Ladhani, the negative effects of children wearing masks far exceeds any potential benefits because the ability for children to be able to see one another’s faces is “important for the social development and interaction between people.”

If only U.S. officials would realize the same …

“We’d at least like our 3-year-old to be allowed to take off the mask when he goes out to Central Park for recess,” one frustrated Manhattan dad told the New York Post.

“We’ve tried to raise the issue with other parents — pointing out the fact that no kids under 6 are masked in Europe or Israel — and you’re met with these polite smiles and nodding and silence, like you’re some crazy Trump Republican,” he added.

Meanwhile, the teacher in the video “indoctrinating” little children in mask usage is apparently a hero — or so says the American left.

Source: Report: ‘Re-education camps have begun… hidden under guise of cute rhymes, songs, fluffy unicorns’

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