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Sharyl Attkisson

“Reporter Sharyl Attkisson: COVID Report on Remdesivir and HQ”


Sharyl Attkisson is well-known as a first-rate, independent, investigative reporter. She recently produced a 9:43 minute YouTube on the subject of “Politics, Money, and Medicine Intersect with Coronavirus.” 

In this video Attkisson interviews a number of doctors such as cardiologist Dr. Henry O’Neill (Medical Director at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit), Dr. Stephen Hatfield (biomedical scientist who is an expert on Ebola and pandemic responses using medicines), and Dr. Jane Orient (President of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons).

They discuss the new COVID drug remdesivir, produced by Gilead, and hydroxychloroquine (HQ), which is an inexpensive, anti-malarial drug that has been prescribed for around 70 years without producing significant side effects.  

Dr. O’Neal says that he and his colleagues in their HQ study at the University of Minnesota and at the University of Washington have treated 400 COVID patients and have not seen a single adverse event but have seen many dramatic results using HQ.  

Dr. Stephen Hatfield states that lives have been lost because doctors and patients are afraid of HQ; this has been caused by an unwarranted campaign against the drug.

Attkisson explains that recently Gilead accidentally allowed a draft version of its remdesivir study to be released.  The document revealed that the study had to be shut down because there had been no proof of survivability and because 18 patients had serious side effects from the drug.  Remdesivir has not yet been approved by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), yet then jumped ahead of itself on May 1 to allow it to be used on an emergency basis in hospitals.

Another point that Attkisson makes is that Gilead (the maker of remdesivir) has deep financial ties with an amazingly large number of the people on the U. S. COVID-19 Advisory Board that devised the COVID guidelines.  

Dr. Orient emphasized the shortcomings of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs report that was published online in mid-April. One of the authors of that study had received a $247,000 grant from Gilead.

Sharyl Attkisson’s short video is well worth watching:


**COMMENT FROM DONNA GARNER:  Just in case Google decides to ban the above video, here is an article with almost the full written transcript of Sharyl Attkisson’s interview with the doctors —

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    A lot of truth in this report and a lot of cover up too. Money talks in medicine, sad.

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