Republicans Using Alinsky to Indoctrinate Constituents on School Choice

Sep 22, 2019 by

Sean Duffy had some nice things to say in his retirement speech. But yet another clueless Republican on the subject of education that wants to destroy ALL education and absorb EVERY school into the public system.

We have school choice in WI and it’s called open enrollment. School choice for Republicans will eliminate private schools. This article about the Popes education vision shows his alignment with public school indoctrination to chase voucher cash.

The End Of Private/Religious School Education     

How brainwashed is Duffy after 9 years in Congress that he doesn’t know that what the government funds, the government controls. 

What the Government Funds The Government Controls

Eliminating prayer in the classroom is coming. Wait until a Democrat sits in the Dept. of Edu. Bye Bye God.

Why are Republicans repeating the lie over and over? Isn’t that Saul Alinsky tactics? It’s been exposed and collectivist mind control is winning the battle as Republican voters remain silent in defense of our children’s future….

Source: Republicans Using Alinsky to Indoctrinate Constituents on School Choic – The Company of Eagles

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