Reshaping Education Through Flipped Learning

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Flipped Learning is a type of teaching methodology in which the instructions of the teachers move from an individual learning environment to a group learning environment. In this way, the teacher is able to guide learners and engage with them in a creative manner. It tries to move all the activities of the classroom including the traditional method of homework into the classroom space. For example, learning concepts in chemistry like the periodic table can be taught with a flipped learning environment so that it is easy for students to learn effectivel

The classroom lecture is a type of traditional environment in which the teacher mainly focuses on a chapter and he is the primary propagator of information in the class. Teachers are put up with questions by the students regarding the doubts about the subject, guidance and feedback. Classroom space is a traditional style of learning where individual lessons are focused on explaining the content which ends up being in a boring lecture style. In this traditional model of learning, engagement of the students is limited to work independently or small groups or on application tasks that might be assigned by the teacher. Discussions during the class go mostly according to the instructions of the teachers rather than students.

In a flipped classroom environment, this traditional pattern of teaching is shifted to a student-centered model in which there is proper utilization of class time as the topics are explored in-depth and the learning opportunities become meaningful for the students. Latest educational technologies such as real-life examples and online video lectures are used to deliver content which is different from the classroom environment. The delivery of the content to the learners takes various forms in a flipped classroom environment. Often, the teachers prepare video lessons or take third-party video lectures, collaborative discussions with groups of students and digital research which is available online.

Views of teachers on flipped learning

  • Students become friendlier with teachers to discuss their doubts and this helps to build a strong relationship.

  • Teachers agreed that flipped classroom environment is a significant time investment but it well worth the efforts.

  • Teachers said that flipped classroom helps motivated students more than the students who are average or struggling with their basic concepts.

Views of Students on Flipped Learning Environment

  • Students always preferred a flipped learning environment rather than a traditional learning place.

  • Students always thought that flipped learning is not suitable for topics that require a concentration level but was suitable for most of those topics that could be understood by a group discussion. Some of the topics like problems on quadratic equation, trigonometry etc. can be easily solved quickly with group discussions.   

  • There was an increased engagement of the students in the flipped classrooms as students were showing interests in asking questions to teachers.

Education continues to ebb and flow by debating what tactic will pave an appropriate path for our students’ success. I believe that technology is an integral tool that can be used within the classroom if it is approached and implemented with care.

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