Review: Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards

Aug 23, 2011 by

Michael F. Shaughnessy
Eastern New Mexico University
Portales, New Mexico

For many children , the key to doing well in school, good grades and learning can be summed up in one word- words. Taking that one step further, vocabulary is a key , essential element and ingredient to developing skills in Language Arts, Math, Science and Social studies.

Super Duper has recently released a series of “ Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards “ to assist parents and teachers in this realm. There are four metallic tins containing 200 cards with 100 words to enhance learning and vocabulary development. There is a Level PreK-K, ( for ages 4 and up) Level I for grades 1-3 ( ages 5- 9 ) Level 2 for grades 2-4 ( ages 6 and up ) and Level 3 for grades 2-5 for ages 7 and up.

These are termed “research-based cards for collaboration in the classroom “ and all cards are color coded and research based. Pupils learn critical key vocabulary by matching a word to it’s definition. Teachers can use these cards to assist students in understanding and using these key critical vocabulary terms. The people at Super Duper have done a fine job in assembling these words. Often they do not give themselves enough credit as in my perusal of the materials, they have also included key conceptual terms, words and phrases. Many of the terms are also expository and I am sure students will encounter these key terms and words later in their academic careers at a higher level. There are accompanying pamphlets that contain specific games to enhance skills in memory, social cues, and understanding absurdities. There are also cards that employ alliteration and conceptual as well as social skill learning.

This series is published by SuperDuper Publications out of Greenville, South Carolina and they have a web site at and an 800 number- 800 277-8737.

This set would be a great addition to any elementary school environment.

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