Reviews of Portable Generators – Where to find quiet and portable ones

May 20, 2019 by

Finding the best portable generators for your money can be kind of difficult, you might find a generator that seems like the perfect fit only to discover that it is much heavier than it looks. Meaning that you can’t really move it about easily from place to place, that’s not something you really want to see from a portable generator, is it?

But portable generators can be deceptively heavy machines, yes they might be a lot lighter than a conventional home back-up generator but don’t take the word “portable” to mean that everyone can move it. You might need to buy a separate wheel kit to help make moving your portable generator more manageable.

But then again not every portable generator may be able to work with a wheel kit either. So, that is something else you need to take into account. Of course, you could end up buying a generator that is easy to move and adjust but then you turn it on only to hear an incredibly loud noise. (Source:

This isn’t because of a fault this is just the sound the generator makes when it is working. Yes, generators can be very noisy machines and finding a quiet one isn’t always easy. You often won’t know how noisy a portable generator is till you actually get it home and plug it in either.

Even some portable generators labelled as quiet running will be surprisingly noisy. Just a little less noisy than some other models. So, how do you find a quieter portable generator that is also easy to move around from place to place?

What To Look Out For

Let’s look at what you need to look out when searching for the best portable generator. The portability is easy to measure you need to look at the size of the generator and the weight. These should be clearly defined on any website so just keep an eye out for smaller, lighter models.

Some portable generators might have built-in handles you can use to more easily move them about as well. If you want to buy a larger model then make sure it is a weight you can manage and that it is compatible with a wheel kit so moving it is easier.

When it comes to quieter running there are a few things you can look out for. The first is the fuel type for your generator, propane and solar power are typically the quietest when it comes to measuring noise levels. But portable inverter generators are also usually very quiet as well.

If a generator is notably quieter then it will often cost more since the noise level is an important factor when it comes to buying a generator. So, if a generator offers quiet running it will often be highlighted in its specifications.

One final tip when it comes to buying a portable generator is to check out Best This dedicated generator website offers in-depth news, guides, reviews, FAQs and much more.   

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